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    The Supreme Court has ruled that a youth can be sentenced to LWOP without determining that he is permanently incorrigible.

    This is against the precedent set in its 2016 ruling in Montgomery v. Louisiana, that invalidated all existing JLWOP sentences that had been imposed by mandatory statute.

    Since 2005, Supreme Court rulings have banned the use of capital punishment for juveniles, limited life without parole sentences to homicide offenders, banned the use of mandatory life without parole, and applied the decision retroactively.

    The United States stands alone as the only nation that sentences people to life without parole for crimes committed before turning 18.

    For Kavanaugh, what he did as a youth can be disregarded once he became an adult and a SC nominee , but for everyone else they can be sent to jail with a life sentence without a possibility of parole.


    what did kavanaugh do as a minor?


    The United States should have an automatic death penalty for all capital murder cases by persons 16 years of age or older.

    The little I know


    Your intellectual dishonesty is awesome!

    Firstly, American law has ample discussion of juveniles being tried as adults. There is reasoning behind this, and much is psychological in nature, and data based. It addresses the depravity involved in the commission of the crime that is beyond modification via maturation. You might be correct that no such principle is found in laws of other countries.

    Secondly, your parallel to Kavanaugh is blatantly dishonest. It adopts the narrative that the Dems spun during the hearings, where there was no basis for the claims, and the several on-deck women with accusations were later identified to have been on the take from the Dems. One accuser turned on the tears in the hearing. She seemed articulate, but failed to provide anything that supported both her and Kavanaugh being in the same place at the same time. The @MeToo nonsense that was at high decibel levels was suddenly absent when similar accusations were made against Dems. This two faced garbage is unacceptable.


    @Jackk, wow and your so silent about your buddy Cuomo


    the whole premise of the op is faulty. all the Scotus could say is that sentencing life without parole is constitutional. it’s not an opinion regarding the practice of such.

    catch yourself

    Well, there is still a burden of proof.

    Even when the defendant is a conservative.

    Congress is free to change the law; the Supreme Court is bound to apply it as written.


    The United Sates is not the only country in the world that allows sentencing juveniles to life without parole.

    Antigua and Barbuda, Cuba, Dominica, Israel, Nigeria, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, the Solomon Islands, Sri Lanka, Tanzania also do.

    The US only allows such sentencing in the case of murder. I have no problem with a murderer getting life without parole. Even if they are juveniles. Although I would prefer that they get the death penalty instead.


    I never said that he did what he was accused of during the hearings. I don’t know the truth. He did agree that he drank a lot of beer and partied like every American youth. My point is, that defines youth and he should have learnt from personal experience that youths and adults are different. There are things that you do when 16 , that you will never do at 40.

    common seychel, I am not silent on Cuomo. You must have missed what I wrote about him in my past posts.

    Participant, if you see the examples I brought , you will see that the SC had precedent from previous SC rulings to show new leniency and require a finding that the youth be incorrigible before sentencing him to life without parole. It is an opinion, similar to the other opinions. That they didn’t rule that way is breaking with SC precedent and a disregard for the severe punishment of LWOP for a youth.

    catch yourself,
    Guilt is not the issue. The punishment is what is being discussed.

    You believe than an abused youth that kills their abuser deserves the death penalty? Or LWOP ? Maybe they deserve a gold medal?


    Abuse doesn’t carry a death penalty. If someone murders someone they allege abused them they deserve the same death penalty as if they killed anyone else.

    Anyone 18 or older should be subject to capital punishment.

    Supreme Court precedents can be, and historically have been, overturned.


    you might be right LWOP is not advisable for a minor’s crime; however I can’t really see the comparison to someone who partied as a minor should be unfit for sc justice when they break the habit.

    “that they didn’t rule that way is breaking with sc precedent…”
    okay. still doesn’t mean their advocating it. just that, unlike their predecessors, they deem it constitutional.



    My point wasn’t that he is unfit , but that he should have learned from personal experience.


    Someone walks on my property , i can blow their heads off. Someone abuses me for 16 years , I get the death penalty for killing them. Makes sense.


    “Someone walks on my property , i can blow their heads off. Someone abuses me for 16 years , I get the death penalty for killing them. Makes sense.”

    Like it or not, that’s both the law in many states in the United States as well as Torah law.

    Besides, in your example was the allegation of 16 years abuse ever result in a court conviction of the alleged person?

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