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    As I was lighting the menorah tonight, Hashem gave me a beautiful thought. When you light a wick, you have to hold the flame long enough to the wick until it catches fire. Some wicks light more easily than others. Some take a little more patience and some take very little.

    A flame is a neshama. Sometimes, when you are working on something, when you are trying to get inspired and light that fire in your neshama again, it takes some patience- and some more time than you would like. But the key is, like Rebbe Nachman says, is to never give up. No matter how long it takes, never take that flame away from the wick, because it will eventually light and shine so beautifully. Sometimes there is a little extra wax in the way, you need to melt away some of what is holding you back, or you just need to work a little bit harder to show Hashem how much you really yearn to accomplish that level you yearn to be on. You just need to hold that flame, hold that avoda and inspiration that you are trying to absorb, to be a little stubborn, until that wax eventually melts away and your neshama once again is light on fire.

    That fire is the sweetest of them all. That fire is the result of your endless work and persistence. The wax is galus, its the darkness that galus represents, and the light is the light of chanukah. The light of emes. The light in the darkness. In chanukah you can bring out that light more than any other time. The light is there for you to grab! Be a little stubborn, be patient, be persistent, and keep that fire against that flame until it is illuminating your life.

    Tonight we lit the 6th candle. We have, right now, all of the kedusha built up from the last 6 days. Absorb that light into your neshama, and glow brighter than you ever have. Its all up to you. Light up your darkness.


    Wow! Emunas, that is really beautiful! Once again, I am inspired by your words. Beautifully written, and a wonderful message. I really look forward to everything you write here. Thanks so much!


    wow, that is beautiful and written so well! thanks for the inspiration!


    It’s amazing how you thought of all this just by looking at a wick being lit! Thanks for the inspiration 😀




    Beautiful, meaningful, and well-said. Yasher Koach.


    Incredible chizuk!!! ty so much Emunas


    Thanks, we can all use a bit of chizuk!


    Thank you all so much for your encouraging words! I am so happy that you got some chizuk from it!

    Shticky Guy

    Emunas Itecha what a phenomenal thought. Truly amazing. Thanx you for sharing it.

    Allow me to adapt it a little. We know Chanoch lanaar al pi darko which means educate each child in their own way. Some need a little extra help here, some a little more there. Dont expect them all to catch on at the same time or with the same input. So parents, educators and those involved in kiruv etc attempting to inspire other’s souls should apply emunas’s lesson and not demand uniformity from people. We all need nurturing at our own pace and we will ‘catch on’ when we are ready, like the wicks. Do not move your flame away from us before we are ready otherwise all your efforts may be in vain.


    Shticky Guy- Emes!!!!! You said that so beautifully!! I agree 100%.


    EI, Good stuff! Thanks! Keep up the good work!

    Shticky Guy

    Let me add onto my earlier post: If you notice a menora flame flickering and looking like it will soon go out, even though it should still be alight for a long time, then the only way to ensure it stays alight is to look at it carefully and see what you can do to keep it alight. If you ignore it, it will probably go out.

    So too with OTD, if you see someone’s neshama flickering and looking like it could chas veshalom go out then you must think of ways to keep it alight. If you ignore them THEY WILL GO OUT. Stop and think of ways be mikarev them to keep their flame going. Dont leave/ignore them.

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