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    For those of you who have never been on Facebook, there is a movement going on to light shabbos candles this Friday in meory of the Fogel Family…so far over 6800 women have commited to it…

    I bet a good % of them will be lighting for the first time…I guess we could take solace in this…



    …thats gonna raise sum arguments for the rabbis who r working on getting ppl off facebook 🙂


    Count is now over 8000…

    If someone finds fault with a movement to get people to light shabbos candles in memmory of the Fogels…well I’m not sure how to respond to that…

    I believe many of those who have pledged to light them, for the most part have never done it or do not do it with any frequency…

    Bar Shattya


    the argument is not against facebook. it is against YOU having facebook. and YOU still shouldnt have facebook

    me too

    Wondering out loud..

    Any stats of the % of “have never done it” will be doing it after ??? ?


    What EXACTLY is meant by lighting Shabbas candles in their memory?

    Having them in mind when you light?

    Lighting an extra candle more than usual?

    Lighting a yahrtzeit candle?


    Bar- Chill, I dont have FB. I was commenting that this would give the pro facebookers ammo, cuz thats usually how these things go..

    (Its such a mitzvah to wear attractive clothing.. our husbands like it!)

    (Its so good for our children to have ipods w unfiltered internet- there r so many shiurim they can watch!)

    (Its so wonderfull to wear long breathtaking shaitels- otherwise, no one would cover ther hair!)

    Know what I mean?


    yenta: 100% of the women who asked me what time candles are next week do not plan on lighting after tzeis.

    me too

    How Profound

    who asked

    me what time candles are next week do not plan on lighting after tzeis


    THe point being you wanted to belittle the people who signed up. I’m telling you that people are interested in doing it right.


    Thats really amazing.

    I’d love to see the page, anyone know what words in a search would pull it up?



    Ainohd-lighting with having them in mind as a zchus mitzva



    The original post on FB asks posters to INCLUDE their local z’man hadlaka;

    The post reads:

    A Jewish response to tragedy is to add light to this dark world. Women around the world are uniting to light candles for this coming shabbat, March 18, in merit of the holy souls of members of the Fogel family murdered mercilessly. PLEASE CHECK LOCAL SHABBAT CANDLE LIGHTING TIME and make this your status. May Hashem have pity on his children.

    Guys, please remember if you live on your own, you can also join in by lighting the candles for shabbat or you can get family and friends to do so!

    Please note that if you already light shabbat candles, it is better not to add extra candle in their memory, but rather invite a friend who does not light to do so. If you keep shabbat you may choose to light the candles a little earlier.

    May Hakodosh Boruch Hu inundate our world with his light and the light of peace and may the holy neshamot (souls) of these special people who lived for Israel and for peace enjoy eternal life and be our emissary in asking G-d for peace.

    Maybe you should be dan lekaf zechut as a source of aliya for the neshamot of these 5 kedoshim who died al kiddush hashem


    well there is now over 13000 women committed…even if many are doing it for the first time and may never do it again, that is thousands of shabbos candles being lit that were never before….

    A jewish responce to such a horrific tradgedy is too perform more mitzvahs and encourage others to do so….

    me too

    Thanx for the info was “wondering”


    I’m gonna ask my wife to light candles lichvod Shabbos this week.


    from reading some of the “posts” it looks like a mix of people….those who light all the time and those who do it sporadically

    Encouraging others to do more Mitzvahs is always the right approach…

    I strongly encourage everyone do a bit more in Memory of Rabbi Fogel and his family

    Daven with more intensity, give a bit more Tzedakah, and Learn with more passion….


    “Guys, please remember if you live on your own, you can also join in by lighting the candles for shabbat”

    wow it is nice for the world to realize that there are some single men for a change


    Don’t guys living by themselves have to light candles anyways?


    anyone? (See earlier post)



    i still cant get over how sad it is…

    can’t wait to light shabbos candles


    “i still cant get over how sad it is…”

    its horrific, lets pray the moshiach comes soon so this family and all other jewish families will be reunited soon


    i ignore all invitations on fb, but i will be doing this anyway.


    Women unite by lighting shabbat candles in memory of family murdered

    kapusta, thats for you


    it is now over 16,000


    hopefully many first timmers will continue to light, let the neshamas bennefit from this mitzvah


    Thank you, anonymrs.

    Just read through some of the posts. No words. Mi Ke’amcha Yisrael!


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