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    I see plenty of posts about takanos against fancy weddings or not sending girls to seminary for $25,000 and how we as a community should stop this spending when so many people cannot afford it. Why are you spending thousands of dollars on new clothing every year? Or how children nowadays want to spend $25k on seminary, then get married (with a big wedding) and be supported while their husband is in kollel?

    Why are fathers who earn nice salaries getting heart attacks because of the stress? If you cannot afford something, why are you buying it? Why spend $20,000+ on a wedding if you cannot afford it? Why are you agreeing to support your children in kollel if you cannot afford it?

    I do not begrudge my friends who could afford to spend much more on their weddings or the $25k on seminary or their fancy cars or parents who can support them in kollel 100%. I understand that some people have more money in life, and no not everything is fair.

    (I come up as anonymous but I am SJSinNYC and I am 25 years old. I realize I rambled a bit, but I hope my point came across)

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