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    basket of radishes

    Hi guys.

    I must say that I am a true musicphile.

    I listen to music as much as I can and I really enjoy all of the songs that I have heard so many many times.

    A song comes on the radio and I love the neural pathways that have been traced and traced and traced so many times into my being.

    That said, I must confess that I listen to really no Jewish music on an ongoing basis.

    I have a collection of about 15 CD’s that I purchased on Mostly Music but I have not been listening to them much. I will soon add them all to my collection of Music on my iTunes on my computer. Soon I will get myself a large capacity iPod and all will be superlative and well.

    But that said, I know that many of you do not deem the secular music a place in your day. That is not a big deal, but it has a large role in my life.

    So I must ask here, what are the Jewish compositions and tunes that many of you might find to be enjoyable? I just have not found any Jewish music that I play over and over.

    I must say that some of the tunes I listened to in synagogue and in the youth movements were enjoyable, but I still do not hear them very often.

    I am always looking for new music so if you guys have any Truly catchy and enjoyable Jewish music to share with me, that would be great.

    I must say that I do like cantorial music and perhaps I will phase that back in soon.

    But still all in all, this new music that I listen to from the Jewish world in many ways is just too festive for my personal listening on a regular basis. It works well when you have a large group of Jewish people enjoying a festive occasion, but it is not for my iPod at this time really.

    And that Matisyahu guy? I just really never got into him. Is he really that good? I know that a lot of people are into him and all. Are the words any good? Will it bring me closer to my Creator or is it just funky music by a Jewish talent?

    I just have to say I am looking for some good music and truly I wish there was more that the Jewish world had to offer that is as catchy as say many of the secular tunes I enjoy.

    Thanks and feel free to contribute your favorite tunes!

    always here

    I’m listening to Bob Dylan’s ‘Forever Young’ right now & getting all misty. (it’s my b-dy)


    What type of music are you looking for?


    do you like the song “you raise me up so i can stand on mountains….” My favorite.

    I’d say start small. Like neutral songs like the above one i mentioned. And delete obscene artists such as raps etc-id list names if i didnt think the mods wld delete the post…

    and then go full fledged jewsih-i ttly hear u thats its hard. Its a rly hard tranision.

    I personally love older jewish music as it appeals to the heart and doesnt merely copy half way wardly the secular stuff which they cant imitate.

    And no, a lot of times wen jews complete with the secular stuff its terrible if you can compare-so id say go to the REAL jewish ones once you feel ready to make the step.

    basket of radishes

    You know, I am really wondering if there are any Orthodox Jewish composers I will get into. Perhaps there is a rock or country music scene in Israel? I wonder if there are any good Israeli Radio stations that I might like?

    I am a big fan of bands like Heart, Led Zeppelin, Genesis, Alan Parsons, Dire Straits, Simon and Garfunkle, Shinedown (new one for me), Golden Earring, Pink Floyd, Supertramp, Rush, Foreigner, Brad Paisley, Toby Keith, Reba McEntire, Counting Crows and many many more. I like that I have alot of music that I am very familiar with and the tunes always make me very comfortable and at ease with the experience I have in life.

    I have not really found the same appreciation of the Jewish music that I have had so far, but I will continue looking.

    Personally, you guys may not agree, but I see the hand of our Creator in many of these (actualy all of them) bands and I feel that it is a blessing to be able to listen to the future of our lives as the Life is played out for us on the radios and the music players.

    Altz is Git

    Hey Basket of Radishes-

    I too call myself a musicphile and have had a very hard time enjoying Jewish music and avoiding pop music that i love so much. Its very frustrating!! Its just an undeniable fact that secular music IS better. ok fine, its an opinion, but i cant see anyone denying it. that doesnt mean its wrong, right? i mean, maybe pork is delicous, and maybe drugs feel great- but still it IS wrong. Kol HaKavod for you for recognizing this challenge that many of us face. really- its difficult but well worth the struggle because the effect of non jewish music is very strong. music is a powerful tool.

    So, over the years i have sought out and have been mostly satisfied with my findings, so here goes:

    (Disclaimer: ok, i know that many of these artists use parodies, or mimic pop music but if you find it offensive in my opinion thats an indicater that this is not meant for you and please be open minded that for some people this really is keeping us from other sources and we’d rather not be attracted to this tone of music but can’t help it!)

    Aryeh Kunstler: nice acoustic guitar sound, many people really enjoy him

    Gershon Veroba: beautiful voice with great lyrics, i never tire of him

    Zacharia Salsberg: you’ll be amazed when you hear this, not only is his voice amazing, his country music is soulfull and beautful

    Zevi Kaufman: his song, Nafalti, i love

    I also enjoy instrumental music, i find that as a great outlet

    Voices from the heights: YU accapella group

    Matisyahu: k, i dont love him either, but i do appreciate some of his stuff like; time of your song, jerusalem, we will walk, his beat box is good

    Yitzchak Simcha: did an album called pardes, with great harmony, my fav song is Hallelu

    Teknoy: you probably might enjoy

    Six13: i dont like them cuz of there “way too accurate” paradies that dont sound different at all, but maybe for that reason you’ll like it

    Oif Simchas: Israeli, great dance music

    Moshav Band: classic, the latest album Misplaced is great high quality music, i dont think any earlier stuff is worth it

    Lev Tahor: come on, who doesnt love eli shweibel?

    Gad Elbaz: israeli, he does all genres, dont get put off

    Emanuel Neuman: i have a few songs of his like the puzzle, Kanfei Nisharim, and E’ Lecha he has a great voice and the musics good

    Benny Freidman: No Lyrics- love it!!

    I hope that this has helped you, as it has helped me immensly. Im curious as to what others have to say on this! i know some really great Kol Isha too if someones interested

    Altz is Git

    i think i had a typo back there thats confusing- in my 1st paragraph i wrote it doesnt mean its wrong, right? and i should’ve written, it still means that its wrong, right?

    forgive me- its almost 2 am here


    basket of radishes

    You can go to and listen to samples from many different Jewish singers and of various genres of Jewish music. That should help you narrow down what you like.

    I stopped listening to no Jewish music a few years back and I must tell you that although I no longer have a desire to listen, whenever I am in a non Jewish supermarket I find that I have a real struggle not to listen to the music. Once you get some things into your system its very hard to get them out.

    YW Moderator-42

    Random list of composers/singers you may like: Abie Rotenberg, Baruch Levine, Shwekey, Nochi Krohn, Moshav Band, MBD, Avraham Fried, Carlebach, Eitan Katz. Dov Shurin, Chaim Dovid, Lipa

    basket of radishes

    I do not get the outright attack on the “secular”. I must say that this is the same argument that the christians give for only listening to christian music. I have yet to get my christian friend to listen to some of the other radio stations in our town. That said, I do not wish to adopt the same ideal and I will certainly play the music that is on our radio stations. I wonder if I would ever be happy if I moved to Israel as I am not sure they have the musical stations that I would enjoy as I do here in the American States. That said, I must say that I truly believe that all of the music which has passed the test of time has truly had a positive effect on my life. What I am saying here is that I am looking for more.

    But that said, I disagree with the modern Jewish thought process of the ultra religious who disavow all of the things that are “Secualar”. G-d did not create the world to destroy our nations. This music that we have on our radio stations is truly a gift and I for one feel richer for the benefit of the listening pleasure.

    basket of radishes

    Thanks for the suggestions. Sadly the mostly music store is quite expensive for me. I will try to sample some. I found one thing there called the Shelehevet Orchestra that I liked quite a bit.

    That said, I see no LAW against listening to music.

    True one should not listen to a woman sing, but I suggest that for my own purposes this is really just for in her presence. I like female vocalists like Heart and Reba and find no “illicit” thoughts or feelings during their listening.

    I also buy most of my music on ebay which only costs me a few dollars for a CD.

    Mostly Music is about 15 dollars a CD or so and thats a bit to pay, but if there was a market on ebay (I’m sure there isn’t except perhaps for a few that you might suggest who are more listened to than the rest) I would be able to get more of these music interests.

    Thanks for all the input. I’ll come back to this thread and see what I come up with in the future.

    ☕ DaasYochid ☕

    But that said, I disagree with the modern Jewish thought process of the ultra religious who disavow all of the things that are “Secualar”.

    Not all things secular; just those which have a negative impact on our neshamos.

    This music that we have on our radio stations is truly a gift and I for one feel richer for the benefit of the listening pleasure.

    One could make the same argument for cheeseburgers, that Mcdonalds is truly a gift, and I feel richer for the benefit of the culinary pleasure.

    Try Carlebach, try Yosef Karduner, try any of the suggestions brought here, rather than the secular, morally debased stuff that plays on the radio today (unless you like classical music). By giving up the trash, you will be truly enriched.

    basket of radishes

    I’m not looking for dance music. I’m not looking for festive music. Cantorial music I always enjoy. I am not sure if I like Abraham Freid as I sampled him once and it was not the type I was looking. I do like things that might have a musical presentation like some of the rock and roll music, classic rock and country music or even classical music. I am looking for music that will keep me going. I am not looking for an experience right now that makes me feel that I am going to bear my soul for all. But that said, I do want to find some good bands perhaps. Why are there no Jewish bands? Ususally its a choir or a one man singer. That said, surely our Creator will build the Jewish music scene someday I hope!


    basket of radishes, I like your taste in music. And believe me, I’ve tried to find Jewish composers that have the musical prowess and style of Rush and Genesis, but sadly, I haven’t succeeded. 99% of the music I listen to is non-Jewish, with the 1% being pretty much only songs by Abie Rotenberg. I happen to think he is a very talented composer.

    Here’s the thing; My views on music are very different from most people’s, because I am a musician. I play the guitar, drums, and keyboard, and I pretty much listen to anything that I find takes talent on those instruments. That encompasses everything from Billy Joel to Opeth, Beethoven to B.B. King. And honestly, I haven’t found too many Jewish bands or composers that are nearly as good as these, which is why I mostly stick with the originals.

    I actually have composed many songs on my own, partly due to the lack of musical ability in Jewish music, to make my mark, but most people wouldn’t really appreciate it. My songs are a mix of Soft Rock, Heavy Metal, and Jazz Fusion, and mostly instrumental. Perhaps I should put out a CD and see if it would sell…

    I also can’t stand a lot of the newer Jewish music, since it stems from pop music of today’s age, which I find to be talentless, trashy, and repetitive.


    bor, listen to YWN radio (link at the top of the page) while you’re reading the CR (or doing anything that doesn’t require 100% concentration). You can listen to full songs from many different singers and maybe it’ll help you get an idea of whats available that you would enjoy.

    I also think you should give the Avraham Fried stuff another shot but thats JMO. (Oh, did I mention I’m a fan?)

    Did you hear anything from Eighth Day (at least the new one)? (Dont get turned off by Ya’alili)



    Moshav, Diaspra


    For cheaper CDs, you could try JewishUsedBooks. com. They have a music section, not a tremendous selection but it might be a good place to sample for a reasonable price.



    I second Kapusta on 8th day. You should also look into Israeli music there are many good religious Israeli artists like Chaim Yisroel,Ohad, Itzik Eshel, Gad Elbaz, Ben Snof, Meidad Tasa (I like his older stuff better)

    you can test out many things for free on mostly music, or watch free clips on youtube (I am not recommending youtube but if you use it anyways you might as well use it for a good cause)

    Maybe even try out matisyahu and the group akapella it may be for you.

    basket of radishes

    Maybe I’ll check out Matisyahu next time I am on Pandora.

    basket of radishes

    I have 2 CD collections of Moshe Sklar singing. I must say I enjoy this one alot. But it is not like the genre of the music I listen to on a regular basis. Well I loaded it into my iTunes and will give it more play now. But that said, too bad its not on the internet for inclusion into iTunes. I had to name each album and I think part of it did not load up. Too bad, but good music.

    Altz is Git


    If you like ‘you raise me up” than you must check out the Yaakov Shwekey Version. he did a great job. i agree with starting small. its the only way to grow.

    Another tip i find helpful is go back in time. as in, listen to the oldest music that you can find, and delete the more recent stuff.

    you might enjoy FreePlay music, as it says- it is free, and instrumental which solves some of your problems. also, Yanni of course is classic. His music is so beautiful.

    Altz is Git

    Simcha Leiners; Rachel Mivaka Al Banehah about the Fogel Family in Itamar is emotional and moving


    My eyes are so red,

    they’re threatening to spill,

    I want to hide my weeping,

    I hope they’ll stay still.

    But finally a tear drops,

    trickling softly down my face,

    but that just broke the ice

    now others join the race.

    Pouring down so steadily,

    my tehillim is now soaked,

    my wails just intensify,

    piercing cries, I’m choked

    I can squeeze out the pages,

    of my siddur and tehillim,

    fill up many buckets

    overflowing the brim.

    We know Hashem has a cup,

    a glass right at His side,

    when will it be enough,

    when will our pain subside.

    What can be worse?

    I’ve lost my grip on the rope,

    tumbling down so rapidly,

    for survival there’s no hope.


    Mods, I don’t know how this got posted here but it was meant to be in the poetry section. Can you please move it?


    alz is git-when jewish singers copy secular music it makes me sick.


    i LOVE Jewish music much more than secular music.. true, secular music is catchy and can be very hard to get out of your head, but it’s all nonsense [or at least the stuff i used to listen to].. i enjoy Jewish, meaningful music soo much better! ..

    i started by not getting into the new songs that were just coming out, and it used to be that every time someone said a word i started singing an “english” song. so once i controlled that, and stopped singing them, i finally stopped for good b”H.

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