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    Did you ever feel that your life is at a dead end? that you have no good options and nothing is panning out and that you’re just wasting your time?

    What did you do? because this is exactly how I’m feeling now

    Sam Klein

    Open up a mussar Sefer and learn some serious mussar and make a Seder for Chovos Halevovos which they have in English too called “Duties of the heart” and start living a life of true faith and trust directly in Hashem our loving father and ruler of the world. As we say at the end of benching from tehillim “vdorshei Hashem….. Which means for one who seeks out Hashem DIRECTLY lacks nothing that is good. And Hashem is watching you every minute and put you into the current situation you’re in and knows you can handle the rest of faith in Hashem otherwise Hashem wouldn’t put you into that situation and test.

    You can also besides for first doing the above which is the most important. You can then look out for your physical needs and seek out a job of livelihood not only cause we all have bills to pay but also for your health it is good for a person to keep a daily schedule rather it’s working at a job or learning full time. And then you will start to feel accomplished and it’s important for a person’s self esteem and self image.

    This is just a start but there are many other things you can do to feel accomplished and successful in life.

    When you have started a daily schedule for everything listed above let us know and I will post the next step that raises a person to the next level in life both in spiritual and physical

    May Hashem give you hatzlacha in everything ahead


    Migrate to America.


    read the bestseller book Toward a Meaningful Life Book by Simon Jacobson


    Read the bestselling book three billy groff and the troll


    Depends a bit what stage of life you’re in and what’s the underlying cause.
    Are you a student, parent, retired?
    Is it possibly depression, a lack of long term goals, or feeling that what you want is out of reach?

    If it’s depression, try volunteering to get purpose from helping others.
    Need long term life goals to work towards, perhaps consult a rabbi.
    Feeling that you can’t get where you want, try recalibrating. Sometimes we need to accept something wasn’t hashems plan for us even if it’s hard to let go and instead look at what our realistic options are now. Othertimes we can focus on what we can control when the big picture and outcome are not in our control. For example instead of saying my goal is to lose 10lbs (an outcome one can’t control), you say my goal is to exercise five days a week (a concrete step towards a goal you can control). Perhaps set a goal of one daily task that’s personally meaningful and motivating to you but something small and easily achievable for example study Torah 15 minutes, talk to a friend on the phone, or make a donation to tzedakah.
    I hope things get better for you soon!


    Read Sefer Pele Yoetz.

    This sefer is filled with good advice on more than 100 topics.


    Read “Man’s Search for Meaning”
    By Viktor Frankl, a Jewish Psychiatrist that bases it of his experiences in a Concentration Camp.


    Read the books by author “Chaim” Howard Stern,

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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