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    Moishe, Jack, are you card-carrying Communist Party USA members? In Venezuela, Cuba, North Korea, Iran, Egypt and Russia they might jail you if you “watched t.v. for over 3 hours”. That’s called a political prisoner. What’s good for the goose is good for the gander. If you think Democrats can get away with totalitarianism by throwing their political enemies into prison under the pretext of prosecuting the law, they shouldn’t be surprised when they lose the next election they’ll find themselves behind the slammer.


    > As for her bank/stocks etc. – loshan horah and none of our business

    Knowing finances of public figures is not loshon hara. Moshe gave a full accounting in Pekudim, kal v’homer Ms Pelosi should. It is a sad, and corrupt fact that, as I understand, there are only partial restrictions on congressmen trading stocks that they control. Not only it creates either corruption, or appearance of it, but also creates an incentive for them to exercise more control over economy.


    answering you is way too easy, so I won’t bother anymore


    always ask
    true, knowing finances may not be loshon hara, but if you don’t mention trump’s finances (which he conveniently never disclosed) in the same breath, you are being a hypocrite.
    by the way, they could only get Al Capone on his finances, halvai they can get trump on that as well – everything else – he is the sneakiest, slyest man on earth – and will get away with it all.


    note the difference between rich people going in politics, and politicians becoming rich while or after being in office. With the first group, we need to give some leeway for people to protect themselves, otherwise, nobody will go into politics, and we will only have professional politicians. Romney is now considered a standard of a kosher politicians – but his business experience was perverted and laughed at whenever he ran for office against Dems. (caveat: making sure they do not depend on foreign sources is legit).

    My thoughts on Trump specifically:
    1) He was pretty transparent that he does not plan to do tax disclosures before elections. So, voters were able to take that into account
    2) I am pretty much shocked that after so many years of investigations, he is not yet convicted of something. I was pretty sure that he would have been. I can’t imagine the level of kashrus in his business practices, as one of the remaining accusation is giving tzedoka to a Jewish school… Note that it is already documented that at least several people committed crimes or “mistakes” in pursue of these investigations.
    3) level of suspicion should be proportional to expectations. If I hear accusations that T uses his presidency to sell rooms in his hotel, or his daughter gets trademarks approved in China – it is something possible and could be on this or that side of ethical behavior that arise in the course of running businesses that exist for many years. Compare it with a president’s son and uncle with minimal qualifications who get investments and payments from the world hot spots. Totally different level.


    Moishe, for simple comparison:
    imagine Pres. Bush’s wife, a librarian, opening a Chinese or Russian-connected business and earning millions of dollars from that.


    A letter writer to one of the newspapers in N.Y. tried to say that Trump had leadership skills.
    Here is a letter (paraphrased, to protect the innocent) that answers back:
    Just what leadership skills are you touting as those we need from the former sociopathic president? The ability to find the most corrupt people in every agency and get them to do his bidding? The ability to convince those around him to lie about COVID-19, leading to the unnecessary deaths of more than half a million Americans?
    The ability to convince gullible people that he won an election he lost in order to make them march to the U.S. Capitol, erect a gallows on the grounds, break into the building, defecate and urinate on the walls and floors, attack policemen with bear spray and spears and attempt to stop the certification of the newly elected president? The ability to surround himself with people who beg for pardons at the end of his presidency because they know they have committed a plethora of crimes?
    Just what is it that the people who adore this man have been smoking for the past six years? I can understand how someone could be fooled into voting for him once, but anyone who wants him to be president again has got something wrong with them — unless they want to live in a dictatorship, in which case they should move to where his pals rule in Vladimir Putin’s Russia or Kim Jong Un’s North Korea (who, by the way, Trump “loves”).


    moishe, step back for a second, and read some moderate Republicans, some of them like Trump as much as you do. Still, vast majority of them acknowledge that most of his policies were very effective. Some reasonable Dems also acknowledge that, even if they sometimes disagree with them. Note that some of these policies were achieved using “non-orthodox” approaches disregarding conventional advice. Furthermore, same and more people now see that people who criticized him are all hat and no cattle. For example, those who accused him of failing on covid policies because he tried to look macho, now do the same thing themselves and did not achieve as much as he did. same goes for ME policies, Russia, China, employment, etc. So, the question then becomes whether it is possible to find someone who will be as strong on results and with less personal negatives? Lots of Republicans are now talking like T trying to take that role, but, in my opinion, they are more likely to replicate negatives but not positives. I would say that people who were part of Trump’s team or supported his activities in some way (not necessarily all) have track record, such as Pompeo, Pence, Kushner, Mnuchin, Bolton. First two are also electable.

    Reb Eliezer

    Dick Cheney also agrees of the daughter that Trump cannot admit that he lost the election. You cannot improve yourself if you don’t know that you did something wrong.

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