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    I am writing to share my experience when I tried to log onto my Yeshiva World account. I was posting regularly for several years on this site. I moved in May 2012 from one house to a new one. As what happened when we moved, I tried to log on to Yeshiva World but was unsuccessful. I could not find the binder that I wrote the password. So I sent a message to send my password to my email address. The message I received(on YW)was that somebody would contact me shortly. I thought I would be sent my old password in my email account. To make a long story short, I tried about seven times to recover my password. I always saw the same written message that someone would contact me later. About two weeks ago I finally located my binder with the password, and was able to log on. My question is have other posters sent a message to retrieve their password, and encountered one frustration after another in doing so?


    Yankdownunder: You can change your YW password to something you pick and set yourself, that is easier to remember than the long string of random characters generated as a password when you first opened your account. This way you can remember it without looking it up every time you log in.

    Can someone here be kind enough to explain to yankdownunder how to change his password? I cannot do write the explanation here.

    (One problem this website hasn’t fixed in a long time is that the site is forcing you to re-login every time you switch back and forth between posting on the main site to and from the coffee room. It used to automatically keep you logged into both simultaneously.)

    As far as why you never received an email to reset your password when you requested that, my guess is you mayh still have an old email address set in your YW account. You may wish to check that and update it if necessary. (It is in the same settings area as where you change your password.)


    It happened to me. I was never able to use my old account after I forgot my password. I used the “forgot password” form, and got an email.

    In the email, there’s a link to reset the password. Clicked on it, and I either get “Someone will contact you shortly” or “you are not allowed to change your password”. It’s really annoying, and I would have been yuneeq if not for the issue.


    Iced and Uneeq thank you kindly for responding. At this point I do not want to change my password. I have placed the password in a place that is convenient for me to locate now when I need to do so. Uneeq at least you received an email with a link to continue, as I received nothing after about seven attempts. The main point is I found my password and now I can log on any time I want to. I will have to check the setting to see if YW has my correct email address. Thank you kindly again for your assistance. This is part of the baggage of moving from one house to a new one. It is easy for things to become misplaced when moving into the new home.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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