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    If you want tender cooked meat, do you need to first marinate the London Broil steak before cooking it?

    Would I get good enough results if instead of a marinade, I just soak this meat in white vinegar and Italian seasoning for 20min before cooking instead of doing a whole marinade?

    Thank you in advance for your cooking tips 😊


    … Cool side note: Remember my previous thread/question about finding organic grass fed beef?

    Well, today I went to a different Kosher market and lo and behold, they had a number of grass fed organic beef options!

    Interesting how much perspective a little change of scenery can bring!

    Thank you ☺


    No, you will not get the same results with a 20 minute wet seasoning as a full marinade session.
    Chicken pieces need only 20-30 minutes to marinate. Beef is much more dense and a 2″ thick piece of shoulder (which is wheat most kosher London Broil is) needs 6-8 hours in marinade in a ziploc bag, turning every half hour to break down the muscle tissue and tenderize the meat.

    BTW> oil is an important component in marinade, just using vinegar and spices will not perform the same chemical reaction as a cheap bottle of generic Italian dressing.


    Vinegar is good to use in a marinade to get tender meats, as it can cause some of the connective tissue to break down, which tenderizes the meat. However, using vinegar as the ONLY liquid probably wouldn’t be a great idea. When the tissue breaks down, it also causes a loss of moisture from the meat, which will dry it out. Make sure to add salt. Salt minimizes the loss of moisture, so your meat will stay juicy.


    Thank you… glad that I waited to hear back from the CR!

    Okay so I have vinegar, salt, oil, Italian seasoning, and a Ziploc bag at home.

    Since I’m going to minimize the oil and salt, and maybe I can add water then so it’s not 98% vinegar?


    Is it normal for the raw London broil cut to have brown spots on the surface?

    The sell-by date is February 12, 2018.

    I just put it in the marinade to soak in a ziploc bag, and am not sure whether the meat is spoiled or not (based on the color).

    Maybe this is just how kosher steaks look? It’s my first time buying a steak since I started eating meat again. I bought a brisket before, which was red, and also ground beef, also red.

    Though, I know that butchers often add coloring or some sort of gas to the meat to give it an artificially red look. Thus, maybe these brown spots are normal?

    The meat did not smell spoiled.

    Would you keep it and cook it?

    Thank you.


    I think it’s normal for red meat to be brown, especially if it’s been frozen or refrigerated.


    Thanks RebYidd23 🙂 🙂 🙂

    … so now it’s in the oven… yays!


    Omgosh it was delicious!!!

    Thank YOU thank YOU thank you!

    Marinating it was such an excellent decision! Thanks for your help with advising me to add oil and salt 🙂


Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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