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    hey i am a girl 17 years old from israel. i am looking for a good seminary out to israel. i speak english basiclly and yiddish.

    i’v heard about “gateshead new seminary”. i don’t know anything about this seminary.

    if anyone can give me basic information i will appreciate it.

    (the most important thing are: Ruchanius. type of girls. What are students there. Costs)



    It’s a good sem. Speak to people who went there. Not anonymous web people.


    You should really think about Halichos BY. It is in Israel, so it is already going to be less expensive cuz there is no air fare. It is a great place, very warm, excellent girls who are frum and honest and very sweet. If you want you can learn kodesh all day, or if you want you can learn a profession with the kodesh. It is sort of like an English speaking Ofakim, but smaller and very warm and personal. Since you are in Israel you should call and go see the place. The number of the school is 02-992-5502. Good luck!!!


    TMB, she is asking about a specific sem. Giving a different suggestion does not answer her question.

    Debbiee, I did not go to gateshead new, but many of my friends did. Also, I live in gateshead so I get to see what the girls are like. The girls I know loved it there, and gained much. There is a good hanhala also. The type of girls who go vary a little but generally they are regular frum girls, many have been through beis yaakov or similar. It’s not a teachers training sem like gateshead old so learning in-depth texts is not as heavy as in other sems. Generally, the girls go with good hashkafos and come out prepared for life. There have been one or two incidents in the past with girls but they are rare, and to be honest, you can still get that in most sems anyway.


    I cant tell you about the specific seminary in Gateshead, but I can tell you something about England in general you will need to know

    It is expensive in England, Stuff is expensive there even for Americans, and I can only imagine more so for Israelis. I remember spending a small fortune there. I remember paying 8 Pounds for a Hamburger Patty (About $12)

    I dont know what they speak in Gateshead the majority of the time English of Yiddish, but in the rest of England, its English or nothing, In general in the Anglo countries there is a strong bias towards english against any other language. You need to speak english fluently and the Geordie Accent (Accent of Norhthampton which included Gateshead) is especially difficult to understand even for native english speakers


    I am currently in Gateshead New and I am loving it. We have the greatest rabbonim and the greatest shuirim. All shuirim are given in English. We have all different types of girls from all over the world from England, France, Israel, Switzerland, America and more.The sem also is now able to give girls two year student visas to come into the country so there is no problem coming in and out of the country. Our sem is the BCR Family that is what we are, we are sisters.



    Regarding your point about money: yes, it is expensive here, but you’re seriously exaggerating as to *how* expensive it is.

    As for language: Gateshead is indeed 100% English. Yiddish is almost non-existent here – barely used by anyone. That said, quite a few people do know it (at least somewhat), but it just isn’t used very much. The daily language is English.

    The accent first of all has nothing to do with Northampton (that’s very far away from here), and further, it applies to the non-Jews only, really. The frum people speak normal, proper, neat English. As for the non-Jews, if you speak with them, they’re perfectly understandable, I haven’t had any trouble understanding what they say. (And I’m not even a native English speaker at all.)

    Gateshead has two major negative points: 1) the weather, and 2) the local non-Jewish population. Regarding point 1, that’s obvious. Regarding point 2, the problems here are mostly with the native white British population – not the immigrants. The Jewish area is surrounded by not such very nice non-Jewish areas. However, it is generally safe (especially inside the Jewish area) and any problems are usually minor, not really serious. I think France, Belgium or London are much more dangerous. That said, I’m glad the sems have a curfew (22:00 I think).

    Positive points: it’s a relatively small but very tight kehilla. Now obviously I don’t know much about the sems, but I do know that the new sem has a reputation for being very international, as DPEST wrote above. Also, I do know they do take the students on trips, and the area around here is really nice. There are also plenty of shopping opportunities around (there is a bus to Newcastle right next to the sem every 10 minutes, and there is also another bus to a giant shopping center called the Metrocentre right next to the sem as well).

    The kehilla is one of the best I’ve ever seen, and as many people say, it is the only remaining real European kehilla. The only places which would come close would be Kiryas Joel and New Square, I suppose. Also, it’s almost 100% Litvish/Yekkish.

    just my hapence

    Two, Gateshead is English-speaking (not Yiddish). And plenty of Israelis and other non-English-speaking people go to both Gateshead sems and all the yeshivos. The OP’s level of English sounds like she’ll get along fine from reading the post.

    Three, Gateshead is in Tyne and Wear, not Northampton. Geordie is the specific dialect of the Newcastle/Gateshead area of Tyne and Wear. Residents of Sunderland, also in Tyne and Wear (about 15 miles from Gateshead), are ‘Mackems’ and will probably inflict serious bodily harm upon you if you call them Geordies. Although, yes the Geordie accent is a bit difficult to get to grips with. But honestly, you go to sem for the sem not for the local wildlife. And the Rabbonim in Gateshead speak a perfectly comprehensible, unaccented (for the most part) English.


    I know Many people who have been to Gtshd New.

    I have never ever heard such raving reports! its sounds incredible!!

    apparently, the rabbonim are very open minded, and talk very openly to the girls on whatever is on there minds. and they have changed the lives of many many girls! especially girls from america that have come.

    there are very few English girls that actually come, its more american-isreali, French and american.

    They are very strict on Tzniyus. and its small sem, about 150 girls. as opposed to old gthsd which is 400 girls and your likely to get lost there.

    the courses are generally for the french and english girls, and if you have a visa U can also do them. in Gtshd Old there are only courses if you arrange them yourself. in Gthsd old they study most of the day hebrew subjects, whereas in New its half/half.

    it is true the girls that come to New are more open minded, and so are the lessons. But as said before R’katz is very very strict in accepting.money is not a prob cos Rkatz will never dis-accept because a girl cant afford it!!its really increadable!! you should deff look into it! hatzlocho


    From what I know there are two seminaries in Gateshead, New & Old!

    I think the Old is more intense than the New regarding studies and actual students there. The New caters for more of a diverse crowd and apparently also has fantastic Shiurim. I heard there are loads of israelis there and ivrit speaking frenchies so you’ll be fine!

    Gateshead really is a great place with everything a girl could possibly want or need!!!



    I paid 8 Lbs for a Hamburger in Golders Green (London) and there wasnt even a Bun. The waiter thought I was silly when I asked for a bun and then he realized I was american and gave me one and told me they dont eat Hamburgers with a bun in England

    Food was super expensive in Golders Green. I think I paid about 50 Lbs for Shabbos take out food that would have costed me $20 in NY.

    Maybe if you are a local its not too bad , but when I was there a Pound was $1.65 and I got killed. The Shekel is worth less than a dollar

    I mixed up Northhampton and Newcastle

    Ive heard Geordie Accents, and its the only english accent I can barely understand, You need subtitles to understand speakers

    just my hapence

    I’ve lived in England all my life (except the 2 1/2 years I spent in the Mir) and I don’t recognise the England you describe.

    As for the Geordie accent, as both myself and TGC pointed out, the Jews in Gateshead don’t have it.


    Its been a while since I was there, But i got off the Golders Green underground station and walked down the main strip. I remmeber a restaurant called Milk and Honey (I think) and a deli of some sort, thats where I had the Hamburger

    I write 8 lbs because I dont have the pound sterling sign on my laptop keyboard, I have the US keyboard on my laptop and dont want to bother using ASCII to get the pound sterling sign


    BTW I think the people in Golders Green felt I spoke bad english and needed subtitles with my thick NY Accent, The Queen would have been insulted hearing me speak

    just my hapence

    Maybe its not there anymore

    It wasnt a fast food place, It was a deli place

    maybe people felt ripped off by the 8 Pound burger and didnt eat there and they went out of business.

    The food wasnt that good there anyway (Is the food ever good in England – (Joking England is not known for food))


    It seems like you entered an establishment with SKA, LBD or Federation hechsher and so were definitely ripped off.

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