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    Joseph – your words are true. But my point is valid for both men and women. Putting other people down is something that makes you look bad. You will find this out for yourself if you do this; hence my advice – DON’T find out for yourself (i.e. only say positive things about other people)!


    brooklyn19, you remind me of me 20+ years ago, and I think your self esteem is healthy and only hope that it continues! Just remember that there is a fine line between confidence and arrogance. I too wear makeup, not too much though. And I too look good!

    As far as a lip gloss/stick for Pesach they often contain a corn starch derivitive, so it is not a kashrush issue but a kitnyos thing.


    bava barah 22a top of amud ???? ??? ??? ?????? ???? ?????? ??????? ??????? ??? ????

    ??????? ?????? ????? ?????

    and a gemarah at the end of merubah that talks about the ten takonos of ezrah and a gemarah in yevamos that talks about rochlin and yichud chulo



    That’s the Mahral I was talking about!


    Hi notpahut,

    Ok, thank. Funny you were the first to reply. But it’s not a Mahral it’s a Medrash.


    The Mahral must talk about this Medrash somewhere ’cause I remember hearing about it in a Mahral shiur.

    just me

    Rabbi Moshe Mayer Weiss says on some of his tapes that cosmetics came down with the mahn in the midbar. Seems like Someone thought women should have them.


    Since there may be some confussion here I am reposting.

    Hi all,

    Thanks for your answers to my post a couple months back. I stumbled across what I was looking for. Actually, I was incorrect the Medrash is talking about purfume (maybe it can be stretched to cosemetics).

    It is in Medrash Rabba (Breishis,Parsha 17:8) it says as follows (skipping the parts that aren’t relevant):

    They asked Rebbi Yehoshua…Why does a women require perfume and a man doesn’t require perfume? He said to them,”Adom is created from earth and earth never decays. And Chava was created from bone. Mashel – If you leave meat for 3 days without salt it starts to putrefy.”

    As I was getting at in my first post the Medrash implies that perfume isn’t just an enhancement for women rather it is an intrinsic need like salt for meat.


    Just me, thats a Gemora in Yoma.


    “Rabbi Moshe Meir Weiss says on some of his tapes that cosmetics came down with the manna in the Midbar.” “Seems like Someone thought Women should have them”

    So I guess I shouldn’t feel guilty about my makeup addiction.

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