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    so im looking to order a matress . I need to buy a new mattress.

    but it is difficult to find one. I am very specific about finding the best matress for me.

    I tried out the entire matress showroom and all of them are too firm. I ordered 2 online matresses sofar and I don’t like either one . the foam matress was too soft and I sunk to the bottom with no support and the fancy online matress company sent a plush matress that is too firm and it digs into my shoulder, not enough pressure relief. what is the best matress for a side sleeper that is soft/plush but not like a folding bed that has no support. ?

    I need an innerspring matress and one that is soft and has pressure relief

    any reccomendations?

    Reb Eliezer

    I have Stearn & Foster which is very good.


    Serta *Medium* Hybrid Glenmoor from Sam’s Club in store

    You can test out the mattress in the store.

    It’s about $500 for the mattress. Mine is resting on a Bedder Bed base, which doesn’t need a box spring.

    *Don’t order this Serta mattress online unless it says MEDIUM… as far as I’ve seen, the online Sam’s Club store only sells the Firm.

    …I just purchased this mattress last month and for the first time since 2010 I have not woken up with shoulder pain (or any pain!). It is not needed, but full disclosure, I added a memory foam topper from Costco, which makes my sleep extra cushy.

    Btw, last month I also bought and RETURNED Costco’s alleged “plush” Sealy Response Performance Gray Cove Plush Queen Mattress and Foundation because it was ridiculously hard/firm.


    Btw, I am also a side sleeper.


    Call Neil Katz at Katz in the Cradle in Brooklyn. While officially a store for “baby” items I have been able to order all types of mattresses through him. Very knowledgeable. (and a very nice person).

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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