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    A friend of mine had a sefer that went through the various common Jewish names and detailed the characteristics typical of one who has such a name. He can’t find it but claims it was called Sefer HaShemot. Obviously, when that’s googled the only results are for sefer Shemot. You would think that such a sefer is a little horoscopey and vague, but it was scarily accurate for the names that we looked up. Does anyone know what I’m talking about?

    Reb Eliezer

    Maybe it is called Otzar Hashemos see http://www.hebrewbooks..org


    There are many books on Jewish names, including both forenames (personal names) and surnames (family names). Some are for people who are just curious, some are written to facilitate writing a “get”, and there are one or two for librarians.

    In a library catalogue, or even online since many library resources are in Google, look for “Names Personal — Jewish” as well as “Names, Personal (Jewish law)”.


    What’s in a Name by Rabbi Matityahu Glazerson comes to mind.


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