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    So I’m like a person in the parsha of shidduchem and i need COFFEE ROOMs help. So give me your suggestion 😉


    troll troll troll . I your asking how to get dates you do have to be very proactive and not be shy and take a back seat, go to a Shadchan, go online to frumster or syas tell your friends your looking. Maybe write a more specific question?

    YW Moderator-20

    My 84 yr old grandfather recently lost his wife. He’s looking to be set up with a potential new Ayshis Chayil


    Attn YW Moderator-20

    I know this girl that is looking……………

    She is 82, so the age matches. However she is looking for a long time learner!

    P.s. I dont know if your grandfather has enough time to be considered a “long time learner”

    ohev shalom

    the key is tefillah keep davening to hashem to send you your shidduch. also dont say anything negative for a month no complaining…. always have a smile on your face.


    try to expand your social network as much as possible & wait eash in thier right time


    Log onto Orthodate & Frumster.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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