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    I’m looking for a school (either in the U.S. or E”Y) for a 16 year old whose yeshiva just closed down. It’s a very particular case, and I’m not sure the right yeshiva even exists for him… 🙁

    The kid is:

    – bright

    – has not been taught how to enjoy learning, so he doesn’t really enjoy it, and doesn’t want a full-time learning yeshiva,

    – is a yrei shomayim,

    – … but had a bad experience in a black hat & jacket environment so wants a place that won’t force him to wear them (at this time).

    So he’s an out-of-the-box, really good kid, who with warmth and guidance could really shine.

    Can anyone give any recommendations?

    Thanks in advance


    Maybe check out Sha’arei Arazim in Monsey, assuming it’s still around. It was built exactly for people like that.


    Assuming your description is not a euphemism-laden attempt to describe someone entirely different, perhaps you should look into Yeshiva Ohr Yisrael in Boston. It is a small yeshiva, with excellent secular studies, an understanding of the need for leisure activities, and a hanhala that is par exellence second to none.

    It is also discussed elsewhere on this site; perhaps you can search.


    Do you have a specific geographic area in mind?


    u can check out the mesivta high school of philadelphia

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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