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    my feet seem to hurt in most shoes. i am a 7 1/2 W and would like to wear stylish shoes . stylish flats are ok as well. does anyone know of good comfy shoes? which companies? stores? etc thanks

    tomim tihye

    Ara is a great company; Mehring’s on Coney J-K carries it.

    I walk a lot and don’t like wearing sneakers, and I find ara shoes the perfect alternative.

    Have you tried Dr. Scholl’s insoles in regular shoes?

    Also, shoemakers sell a shoe stretch spray if the shoes pinch toes.


    Shoely you jest!


    me too makes really comfy shoes. i dunno where you live but where i live they sell them at lord and taylor. all the shoes have some cushiony bubble in the back specifically for comfort. i have a pair and they’re great!


    Try going online to Aersoles- (not sure if there is an S at the end or if I even spelled it right). I hear they have very comfortable shoes and stylish at the same time.

    Hope you search isn’t too stressful!


    sry dont mean to be rude but Aersoles stylish????


    i’m in the same boat as you-same size and wide width. right now i have a pair of calvin klein’s that are amazingly comfortable. i found me too shoes to have good arch support and heel cushion. if you are going to be standing all day, try a pair of stylish sneakers (NOT an oxymoron). try the ones that have elastic tops and not laces-they look more like a shoe

    i really like dr scholl’s athletic insoles-firm arch support but gel cushion for the heel and ball-of-foot. those plus my new balance sneakers let me stand for hours straight

    for some odd reason, payless shoes work for me and many times look exactly the same as more expensive brands


    shlump- not all the shoes there are but my sis (who is definitely VERY VERY) stylish got a pair of shoes of that brand. It’s the typa store you gotta get lucky by but if someone is desperate then in my opinion it’s worth a look.

    Could be wrong though…


    🙂 ill search through

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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