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    I am looking for deeper meanings to certain phrases in aishes chayil. If anyone is familiar with specifically phrases alef and daled, please post things you know about them!



    Google The Aishes Chayil Style.


    That website is amazing @WIY, thank you!


    Ask a seminary teacher.

    Oh Shreck!

    Sorry. Just got back (late, of course, like last night- or morning)

    Why does anyone need a deeper meaning into that most beautiful work. Take it at face value. His mother ‘potched’ him, good. According to Medrash(?) she tied him to a beam and gave him makos… while saying the preceding kapital, words of sharp rebuke. At the conclusion, Shlomo HaMelech kisses the hand that punished him, and goes on to compose this great tribute to her, his wise, caring and understanding mother. And with this his Sefer of Chochma is completed.

    I never fail to be amazed by it. That is true Chochma, knowing that the hand that punishes is really to our benefit. He lived with his Chochma, he internalized these ideas and ideals, he therefore was able to ‘kiss’ the hand that potched him, he actually felt its benefit. To guide him on the proper path, to help him strive for shleimus. What a most befitting ending.

    (sorry if some parts came out gibberish, it’s 2:40 am, while snacking supper..)


    so, if I understand you correctly: op shouldn’t care about the deeper meaning because of the purported circumstances surrounding its writing?

    you must be joking dude.


    Great!! True Chochma is kissing the hand that ties you to a beam and beats you. Sounds like psychopathology to me.

    Oh Shreck!

    Brony, sorry it came out like that. Again, it was 2:40am, one hand on the keys, another with my “snack”. Of course there’s a deeper meaning. I just wanted to present the “plain”, pashuta meaning one. And I’m not a joking dude.

    Oh Shreck!

    Yussel: Sorry it wasn’t to your liking, understanding or level. Shlomo hamelech thought it wise to praise her. Look it up, nothing’s my own.

    always striving

    Get the book by Reb. Tziporah Heller on Aishes Chayil! It has a picture of a pearl on the cover and it has many incredible things to read on the different words.



    You are so welcome!


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    She opens her hand for the poor that will take it, but for the destitute who are too ashamed she sends her hand forth so the less aggressive are not lacking

    The below i always felt we’re beautiful just in pshat:

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    Husbands read to your wives


    Oh Shreck!, beautiful idea, same we can see my

    Tehilim 23 – Your rod and Your staff:

    Says Rashi – The pains that came upon me, and the support, that I rely upon Your loving kindnessboth of them will comfort me, for they will serve to expiate my iniquity, and I am confident that You will set a table before me. That is the throne.

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    All these posts are very helpful. Thank you everyone!

    Oh Shreck!, yes, the simple pshat is truly amazing, but i I was also looking for a deeper meaning in order to use the psukim as mashalim. Thank you for that very interesting insight!


    just had a test on part of eishes chayil.

    just one idea i want to share from rabbi leff. he says “eishes chayil mi yimtzeh?” saying its very rare right? but contradiction “rabos banos assuh chayil” so in class we learned it means that an eishes chayil fulfilled all 18 aspects while a chayil fulfilled some. well rabbi leff said something better (in my humble opinion)

    he says, its rare to find someone who is a natural eishes chayil, but most women assuh chayil- work on it.

    he gave the moshul of an oyster, which sometimes has a pearl and sometimes doesn’t so its a gamble, you open it up and maybe its there maybe its not. how does a pearl come? by sand seaping in and agonizing the oyster- a pearl comes through something unpleasant=> assuh chayil means you change you work on it and yes its hard but its achievable….

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