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    I’m looking for a Bais Medrash for a graduating high school boy.

    He is:

    – bright

    – has not been taught how to enjoy learning, so he doesn’t really enjoy it, and doesn’t want a full-time learning yeshiva,

    – is a yrei shomayim,

    – … but had a bad experience in a black hat & jacket environment so wants a place that won’t force him to wear them (at this time).

    So he’s an out-of-the-box, really good kid, who with warmth and guidance could really shine.

    Can anyone give any recommendations?

    Thanks in advance


    Wow – sounds like you described my son give or take a few items.
    Looked extensively in America and there are no Yeshivos that cater to our type of boys.
    There are Yeshivos that all want to be Philly or have boys that are fighting demons of some sort. That is what is offered in America. There are a few Chofetz Chaim branches that are more open to boys like mine, but they are very very small and that might not be a great environment.
    My son fits into neither of these catagories – philly wanna be or fighting demons.
    So we are looking at Eretz Yisroel Yeshivos they seem much better equiped and more willing to take a boy like mine and help him find a love of learning and just because he wears a colored shirt and no hat on shabbos doesn’t mean he uses drugs and is addicted to the internet.


    Try yeshiva of eatontown located on the border of lakewood and toms River or try rabbi Landers yeshiva in queens


    there is a yeshiva in Baltimore called tiferes hatorah which is a part time yeshiva and the roshai yeshiva are both very warm and help each boy get a job / college program it’s a very warm a Atmosphere and not strictly a black hat yeshiva !!!!


    They also have local baltimore businessmen come in to give business classes/ advice to the bochurim once a week!!!


    Not looking to toot my own horn. I have opened a yeshiva in Gateshead for precisely this kind of bochur.
    I believe you would be interested. If so please look at our website Yeshivabaisaharon.org
    Israel can be a huge adjustment and with risks.
    I am American so I get the mentality..


    You may also want to look into the Beid Medrash program in Waterbuty. Yeshiva Ateres Shlomo

    Undercover Bochur

    Try Neumans in Lakewood


    Sounds like what happened to me, one thing DO NOT PUSH HIM TO SERVE HASHEM, he MUST come to it on his own otherwise it will backstab you and he will resent you. You MUST show him the footsteps how to get there but DONT push him into it. Maybe look into somewhere he can learn a few hours a day and go to college the other part of the day so that way when he iyh gets married he can support his wive?


    I wouldn’t recommend eatontown based on ur description!!


    Your son sounds like me from a few years ago. I went to a great yeshiva in Eretz Yisroel called Yishrei Lev, very warm caring environment and guys really learn and grow there.


    Yeshiv of Waterbury 100% the high school has a “13th” grade program pls pls check it out it will be worth your time


    TJ – Tiferes Yerushalayim / Rabbi Greenwald’s Yeshiva in Bayit V’Gan.


    Being someone who has incidental contact with Eatontown boys,
    I’m sure your son would not fit in with them.

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