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    Anyone have a good recipe for chicken capons?


    Same as for any roast chicken. Lots of onions, lots of garlic, paprika, kosher salt, and white wine, if desired. Bake,covered at 350 until tender, then uncover to brown.


    I have the most delicious capon recipe:

    Saute and onion, a red pepper, small can of mushrooms.

    Then add a half container of onion/garlic croutons. Gives a delicious taste. Add some water.

    Cook this whole mixture until croutons are soft.

    Cool mixture. Add an egg and mix well.

    Fill capons.

    Place capons tighly into pan. Coat with mixture of mayonnaise and duck sauce/ or apricot jam.

    Bake covered for about 2-3 hrs on 400.

    Absolutely yum!


    I wasn’t specific enough. I’m looking for the recipe for stuffed capons. I know there is a kishke filled capon or rice.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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