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    I have normal Yeshiva sized Gmeras, and other sefarim. The $30 walmart ones bend over backwards very quickly when these sefarim are placed on them.

    So I’ve heard people speak about bookcases (or sefarim shranks) that have shelves 1″ thick, and that solves the problem. I’ve also heard people recommend Sauder bookcases.

    I live in Lakewood, NJ.
    Can someone please direct me to where I could buy 3 bookcases (that can hold Gemaras/Sefarim) at a good price? (not $140 a pop).

    Thank you in advance for your kind help in directing a seeking Jew! Blessing upon your heads


    There are two main types of bookcases: good bookcases, and cheap bookcases. Unfortunately, you have to choose one or the other.


    Try delux-they have good food to eat while your searching for a good store




    There might be ways to strengthen existing cheap bookcases, or to build them from scratch if you are skilled enough.


    Good bookcases cost hundreds of dollars, and the best ones cost over $1000) and are made of real wood (or steel, but they are less attractive).. You can not assemble them yourself. They are not made of plywood, engineered wood, or manufactured wood.

    Doreish HaEmes

    Its bein hazmanim, you can try to find a bachur to build for you. You really want one made out real plywood and not pressboard like all the cheap ones. Btw even sauder is made with with pressboard but they have thicker shelves so they are pretty solid. At about $120 saucer is considered cheap. I dont think you can find anything cheaper than that unless you build yourself.


    Akuperma, what magic do the makers of those bookcases have that the OP cannot put into his bookcases if he chooses to build his own?


    Try staples. I believe they have what you are looking for


    IKEA and you can get extensions on top of them

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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