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    Btw I don’t think Hollywood actresses are percentage wise more attractive than frum girls. (I don’t know if that helps or hurts people’s harsh judgment of my pickiness)

    If frum girls are considered a general population,

    and actresses are considered to have been selected

    from their own general population for attractiveness,

    this would seem to indicate that you find a rather

    narrow range of people attractive…


    To some extent it is normal and healthy for a man to find most girls somewhat attractive when dating.


    ocho: Do you understand why people are deriding you instead of helping you? Imagine if you walked into the fanciest restaurant in the world and you order one of everything on the menu. Then you proceed to spit at the food and claim it all tastes awful. Now since it makes no sense that the best restaurant serves nothing but garbage, it must instead be a problem with your taste.

    That’s kind of what it looks like from our perspective. It’s not a question of there being no good looking girls out there, it’s a question of bafflement as to how a normal frum guy cannot seem to find anyone attractive.

    ocho sinco

    Im not gonna keep arguing this. I’ve spoken to many rabeim already. I never said I’ve never seen an attractive girl. I said the girls i dated I didn’t find attractive. By the way is there a way to delete this whole thread? I’m not kidding I’m actually nervous a girl (or girls) I dated are gonna find out who I am and read this and be super offended.


    85 -“I’ve spoken to many rabeim already. I never said I’ve never seen an attractive girl.”

    That’s good, but maybe it’s time to go to a dating coach or a therapist?

    Also, before you go out, make sure you see a picture!


    Leave the poor guy alone everybody.

    There is a well-known problem with text based communication: its very hard to clarify exactly what you mean, and things are often taken out of context.

    I am sure ocho is a normal human being, and should not be made to feel like some kind of ogre, just because you can’t understand exactly what he thinks and feels.

    🍫Syag Lchochma

    copymachine – thank you, I have been wanting to say that for several posts already

Viewing 7 posts - 51 through 57 (of 57 total)
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