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    I i would like to lose some weight WATS a good diet or recommendations u would say!!! (please only serious answers thank u)


    Maybe try to stop eating your favorite ice cream?


    exercise, self control, water and more exercise!



    Im on a diet its so hard but CAN BE DONE dont giv up!! u cud totally do it I am doing no carbs but since i cant jusst stop cold turkey i decided to 1st go to eating litley… Like these sixty calorie pitas everytime i would normally hav a regular sandwich and trying to cut down soda limiting to meals…and no candy or snacks.. and fruit fruit fruit!


    watch your calories!!!!


    I think a balanced diet and portion control are the most important things because you have to be able to eat normally after you lose your weight and want to maintain. If you do a crazy diet and eliminate all kinds of things, then when you start eating again, you will have no idea how to do it and not gain it all back (which I’ve unfortunately done). A source for support during and after is also very important to keep you honest and just share with when times are tough or when you are successful also. It’s great to have a cheering squad behind you. Hatzlacha!


    Oh! You want to lose weight. The way you titled the thread I thought you were commanding me to lose weight. I certainly need to, but wouldn’t appreciate hearing it from some anonymous poster in the CR.


    i’ve said it before and i’ll say it again : pilates


    menucha12: what does “pilates” mean?

    i’m on a carb diet very hard in the beginning but its been about a wk and it gets much easier… there is a lot to eat as time goes on u come up with alot of different things its really getting easier for me..

    anyone think we should start a “carb diet” post? people will post great ideas for ppl with carb diets! im not reallly fat im just a little nervous that im getting there bc im almost twenty one and i started to gain wait i just hit 150lbs so i wanna cut down till i get really skinny again. After all yeshiva bochurim need to diet


    After trying several food plans, I think a good “diet” is one you you think you can stay on. Some are so limiting, that keeping them beyond a week or two becomes torture.

    I think the best thing is trial and error.

    I tried south beach and really like it, ’cause the food is really healthy and yummy. It gives great ideas for new dishes. It’s limiting, though. No carbs first two weeks, then adding them in slowly to see what causes cravings.

    I prefer weight watchers because it’s something I can live with long term. People challenge me sometimes and say “you can’t eat that”, and happily, I respond that everything is permitted on this plan in moderation.

    The method is keeping track so you don’t go over your allotted amount for the day.

    I’m also not trying to change everything at once.

    My first goal is tracking my eating (listing my food and quantities each day) and increasing cardio movement.

    My next goal is to try to modify my food choices to learn how to eat so I can nourish myself.


    If you’re a guy, I’m not so sure Pilates is for you.

    I think walking and strengthening your core/stomach muscles with variations of sit-ups might be good. I think guys tend to gain weight in their stomachs.


    Weight Watchers is by far the best diet out there.

    Most other diets restrict this or that. No white flour, white sugar, no carbs this week, no starch the next week etc..

    These are all life altering diets.

    Weight Watchers allows everything up to a point- no pun intended. The weight falls off slowly- but steadily.


    If you’re a guy, I’m not so sure Pilates is for you.

    Joseph Pilates was a guy.


    Many guys do pilates.

    It’s a great form of exercise, working on strenghthening your body, flexibilty and endurance.

    Try it!


    Any diet that is balanced but lower in bad carbs, higher in complex carbs, and a nice amount of protein with fruits and veggies, is a good one. You need some fat (healthy fat like olive oil), just watch the amount and calories.


    Haifa and fashion

    I stand corrected


    MyFitnessPal.com!!! i’m down five pounds!!


    Also Pontius Pilate. 😛


    ” Joseph Pilates was a guy.”

    Yeah… So was Richard Simmons.. until he started doing women’s workout shows on tv.


    Try not eating until this thread hits 50 posts;)


    You will need to find a way to do cardio. I am diasbled but found a way to do upper body cardio. It has really helped. Plus, there is a site called my fitness tracker or something that I use to log in everything I eat. You would be surprised how many calroies you actually eat.


    basic math- you burn about 2000 calories a day and 3500 calories is equal to 1 pound of fat so if you cut 500 calories a day you would burn about i pound a week, excersizing burns even more calories, so just do the math and shed the pounds. ( i personally try to stick to low calorie foods and workout daily so i can burn even more) its hard but possible!!! (often times just adjusting from not counting calories at all to keeping to a 1500-2000 calorie diet could shed a lot of weight in the first week alone!!)

    GOOD LUCK!!!


    basic nutrition…. evaluate what you are eating….. it’s nutrients etc…. and how much of it you need or is excess….. there are apps that help…. and all those other diets might work…. but you don’t want to be on it your entire life and unless you slowly ease off of it while keeping a healthy (nutritional) and balanced life style you will keep the weight off instead of gaining it all back…. also you CAN do this on your own.. with the helps of google, books, and 1 of the many apps… BUT paying a nutritionist is an added incentive because then your mindset is “i paid already, i have to do this…” and they act as policeman… you have to answer to someone, it can even be a friend.. do it together and then you both will push each other….

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