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    Anyone else out there finding that with working from home and limited socializing, the days of the week seem to morph into one another and but for שִׁיר שֶׁל יוֹם and shabbos preparation, Tuesday could just as easily be Thursday?

    Sam Klein

    Life goes by very quick even in normal life. Before you know it we’re all going to be hearing the shofar again when it sounds like it was just a few months ago that we heard it but no where near a full entire year since last time…..

    “Uvacharta bachaim….. Choose life” life is too short and precious to be wasted. Let us learn it now while we are hopefully still young and not take life for granted and appreciate every day and hour Hashem blesses us and grants us to live…. Hashem doesn’t say this man will live until 97 and this woman will live until 102 etc…. Every day and hour is a decree from Hashem you should live another day….


    yeah 100%
    for non working people alos. time just feels like one massive mush right now


    Yeah. Time, day, date. Everything has the feel of a three-day Yom tov except that we can drive and touch light switches.

    What were we talking about, again?

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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