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    People often talk about trying to “lose weight” but what they’re really trying for is to lose thickness. Losing thickness may lead to losing weight but that’s not their focus, so why say it in a roundabout way?
    (Note: The emphasis isn’t that losing weight is a result of losing thickness. even if it would be the cause of losing thickness, it’s still not the point.)


    Because that would be very strange. You can’t get skinnier without losing weight.


    User 176 you must be a wise man! huh? yeeeees

    yaakov doe

    Imagine saying “I lost 1/2″ of thickness this week”. You would be asked “from where”. Thickness from the wrist isn’t the same as thickness from the thigh or waist. Radio commercials could say “lose 4″ of thickness in 30 days without dieting”.


    I just heard a very good answer to this question. It seems like if someone loses weight he’ll be able to run faster regardless of whether he is thick or thin. So in that case losing weight is what’s desired, and not losing thickness.


    is your goal to lose weight or mass? If the former, just move to the Moon or at least Everest.


    Some people are so skinny and always want to gain weight. I tell them to just look in the community lost and found and that’s the quick route to finding the right amount their looking for.

    If anyone wants to get rid of extra weight you can drop it off at your local community lost and found and someone who can use it will come pick it up and make it come to good use.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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