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    I will have to admit that I was one of those “underage” individuals who bought those loto scratch off tickets from those vending machines, until one day one of the cashiers yelled at me, and i ran home crying lol. Some years later,I went to purchase a loto ticket from those machines only this time I WAS of age, but ive always looked a lot younger then my real age (even now in my 20s i look like im 13) again I had a cashier start yelling at me until I whipped out my ID card… We have issues like this with many things, I’ve seen young teens bye wine for “shabbos” until i see them high five each other, and you get where im going with that. I’ve seen young yeshiva boys smoking, and when I swiped the cigs out of their mouths, they just stood there confused, asking what the “big deal” was, i said aside for being under age, these things will kill you! You’re absolutely right mdlevine, If there is an age restriction on these items, then they should be behind the counter with other restricted items cigarettes, alcohol, etc.

    p.s. how sad would it be if a 10 year old kid won $5000 on the loto, but it was void because of him/her being underage. YIKES!

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