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    I have a habit of answering Amen very loudly (and I enjoy doing so). Some people say they like it, whereas others say I should do it a little bit less loudly. What do you think? Has anyone read the book “Serenade the King” about the power of answering Amen?


    If you are disturbing others, then you should not do so that loudly.

    The bottom line is this — you are 100% yotzei by saying Amen in a normal voice. If you want to do so in a louder voice and you think it’s the right thing for you to do with regard to your ruchniyus and connection to HKBH, then all the more power to you… but it can’t be at someone else’s expense. If it’s disturbing the person next to you to the point where they can’t concentrate on their davening or even if it just makes them uncomfortable, then you should not do so. You should not build your personal ruchniyus on the backs of other people.

    The Wolf


    Mom5 while the loudness of your amen may be in fact your way of honoring hashem and getting enthusiastic the halacha is that it must be quieter than the bracha. I do not have a source for that but that’s according to what I learned


    Do you get more zechus the louder you say it? Is it so loud that others can’t hear themselves say it?

    Are you saying it so loudly because you’re afraid Hashem won’t hear you if you say it softer, or are you saying it so loudly in order to be noticed by others?

    ED IT OR

    its a beautiful inyan I personally also try to say it in a kol rom


    you are not allowed to say amen louder than the brocho!

    and anyway if it is disturbing others definitely say it in a “softer” way.

    and in this zechus may it be a Refuoh for all those of clall yisroel in need.

    Shticky Guy

    ??? ??? ???? ??? needs to be said ??? ???? acc to some ???????, but not a regular ??? which should be said quieter than the ???? itself.


    ????? ?? ?? ???? ?

    ??? ?? ??? ?? ???: ???? ????? ??? ??? ????? ???? ???? ?? ????? – ?????: ???? ??’ ??? ??????? ??? ????


    Crazybrit is right. When someone says a bracha softly, you answer amein the same way. Some people feel like a person who says a loud amein (which CAN be disturbing at times), is “showing off,” as was implied by Wandering Chana. If yuo are doing it to show others what a good little amein sayer you are, you defeat the purpose of doing it for the kovod of Hashem.

    Some of the time a loud amein is very appropriate,i.e. when someone comes up to me and says I should be zocheh to marry off my single kids this year. I guarantee you that NO one says amein

    louder than I do, in that case. 🙂

    I have another issue. A total stranger (frum man)approached my husband and me in a local coffee shop and in a NICE way gave me mussar for saying my bracha over the coffee too softly for HIM to hear to answer amein.


    @crazybrit – I disagree with your username, you’re not crazy at all. 🙂

    I personally think it’s great when everyone else does so as well, but when only 1 person does so in shul it does bother me a little, it does disturb my kavonoh.


    crazybit: “you are not allowed to say amen louder than the brocho!” dosnt apply to chazaras hashats

    ☕ DaasYochid ☕

    Oomis, you should be zocheh to marry off your single kids this year!

    ED IT OR

    the chassidish gateshead, (and all)

    thank you I know,

    though I will stick with my username,

    ‘tcg’ thank you especially, considering I know who you are! I.matched up an old foreign language newspaper interview with some of your comments!

    cheers everyone



    Shticky Guy said:

    “??? ??? ???? ??? needs to be said ??? ???? acc to some ???????, but not a regular ??? which should be said quieter than the ???? itself. “

    I beleive that the commentaries there (Shabbat 119b) explain ??? ???? as being with all your Kavanah, not really your voice.


    D”Y AMEIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (very, VERY loudly)

    Thank you.


    Yahud: I don’t think that’s true. Source please.

    Oomis: In regards to your story, I am often very Mapkid on making my Brachos quietly when others are around. If they’re not paying attention properly or just not thinking about it then I would have C”V caused them to not answer Amen when possible.


    Yahud: The aruch halshuchan says this din. However, he says it regarding Rabbeim being michuzak their talmidim. He similarly says it by kriyas hatorah; the ba’al korey can say amen louder so that everyone realizes that laining is about to begin. (I learnt this a while ago and don’t remember were to find it).


    Oomis: I think that if he knew you were saying a bracha, even if he didn’t hear the whole thing, he can still say Amein (but not loudly). 🙂

    But then if you said it loud enough for people to hear in a coffee shop, someone else might come up to you and say you it’s not tznius 🙁

    *sigh* can’t win sometimes…


    Rashi explains that it means B’chol Kavanaso, and other Rishonim explain it litteraly. The Maharal explains it to mean with full pronunciation, not just mouthing it and to completely open and close the lips.


    Hi mik5

    Someone should correct me on this if I am wrong.

    But it became my understanding that the volume of “Amens” should be in line with the volume

    of the davening and bracha being said. Not louder; and not much lower.

    If someone can expound, I would appreciate that.


    Wnadering Chana, personally I found it not so tzniusdig for a male stranger to come over to me to tell me that I should have made my bracha louder.

    BTGuy – – that is precisely how I learned it. The tone of the amein should match the bracha.


    i.e. when someone comes up to me and says I should be zocheh to marry off my single kids this year. I guarantee you that NO one says amein

    louder than I do, in that case. 🙂

    DY got to the bracha before I did (but I had the same idea. Honest!), and you’re obviously older than me but I’ll give you one anyway. May you be zoche to marry off your single kids to the right one (for each) at the right time which will be soon IY”H.


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