Is Loud Music At Weddings Causing The Shidduch Crisis?

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    Alright I think I’ve finally figured it out.


    You’re right!! If the music is lower then guys and girls would be able to mingle with each other actually have a conversation and potentially make their own shidduchim!
    Lower the music = solve the crisis!! 😀



    Since the music is so loud, the guys end up yelling so that the girls can hear them, but the girls think the guys are just obnoxious, and they assume all guys are like that, and they decide to never get married.

    Do I get some kind of shadchanus gelt for this?


    I think it’s the loud hair which is causing the wedding crises which leads to measured shidduchim resulting OTD.


    I think it’s simple: people who don’t like the loud music at weddings want to reduce the number of weddings they have to go to. This includes their own. So some of the people don’t want to get married, and that means that the people they are supposed to marry are not able to get married.


    RebYidd23 TAKES the CROWN Again!

    ….That was AWESOME RebYidd23 🙂


    Yes and no.
    yes: like RebYidd said.
    No: Loud music means that boys and girls have to leave the hall to hear themselves think. Once in a mechitza-free zone they can mingle and meet their zivug. So loud music solves the too tall mechitza problem discussed on another thread. That is assuming that 1) shidduch age kids think and want to hear themselves do so; and 2) their hearing has not been permanently damaged and they can still hold a conversation outside with their zivug; and 3) Joseph’s tznius patrol doesn’t shoo them back inside behind the correct sides of the mechitza.

    Lilmod Ulelamaid

    WTP – I like that!

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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