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    I just read an article about a lawsuit against Louis Vuitton and am shocked.

    The story said that some Jewish employees sued Louis Vuitton for not allowing them time off work for holidays and things like that.

    The person who was speaking for Louis Vuitton apparently responded by comparing jewish people to vegans and saying that being Jewish is just a lifestyle choice!

    I will never carry another Louis Vuitton handbag!


    The lawsuit you reference is not about making people work on a religious holiday, it is a general “hostile environment” lawsuit of which working on saturday is but a component.

    Where did you read that lawyers comment? Not that I don’t believe it, Louis Vuitton company also said some outrageous things about African Americans (google it).


    Perhaps the LV admin wants LV bags to be the Bag of Choice for WASPs only.


    There are a couple journalists following the case.

    My friend know one of them. He said that there was some kind of judgment hearing where Louis Vuitton was trying to get the lawsuit kicked out of court.

    My friend said that there were a whole bunch of lawyers from Louis Vuitton and one of them mentioned that being Jewish is a lifestyle choice like being a vegan and that the lady who is suing should not have any special kind of protection.


    Well. Given the level of observance of the litigant (based on how she is described in court documents) is the lawyer all that wrong, vis a vis the litigant?


    Louis Vuitton owns Christian Dior.

    Christian Dior’s top designer was just ARRESTED in France for an anti-semitic assault!


    wow! i was just about to buy a lui voton bracelet! few!


    To a certain degree, I agree that being an observant Jew is a lifestyle choice. However, it is protected by law and unless there was some sort of hardship involved, accomodations are required.

    Why would anyone buy LV anyway? Its ugly and overpriced. The knockoffs cost like $10 and look very similar.


    And now the whole world sees a bit of what our French brethren go through on a daily basis.

    always here

    “In a statement Tuesday, Dior said that it had launched the [dismissal]


    i dont see a problem with the LV comment…someone please explain what is wrong with what he said. objectively speaking, judaism is a lifestyle choice no different from buddhism of veganism. we believe that it is more, but as on objective outsider…what difference is there really?


    To always here:

    I am glad that the company is finally taking action to finally dismiss one of their employees for making anti-semitic comments. It is sad that it took a video on uTube to make them take responsibility. It is too bad that Dior and Louis Vuitton don’t take similar actions against their (not so famous) employees and managers.


    Well maybe the fact that the owner of Dior is Jewish has something to do with it?


    It’s September 10 (in Israel) happy bump day (bump the oldest threads in each category)

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