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    So if your democrat, (and didn’t yet have a primary) you get to choose between someone who forgets what he wants to do and someone whom you wish would forget what he wants to do


    You should forget you are a democrat and switch parties

    Someone in Monsey

    Easy solution: Become a conservative. It’s the political philosophy most closely aligned with Torah.


    Write in your own name.

    Pro schnapps

    Yes. The conservative party awaits. Its the only mehalech that most closely aligns with Torah values. The democratic party is full of kefirah.


    Vote Biden.


    I wasn’t bemoaning
    I was gloating


    So if you are a democrat.
    Shorten “you are” with “you’re”, as in “So if you’re a democrat”

    Please learn this simple rule of English. It will make it easier to understand “your” messages.
    Thank you
    A safe and happy Purim


    Don’t they mean the same thing?


    He wasn’t saying to use “you’re” instead of “you are,” but that you should use “you’re” instead of “your” when you mean “you are.”



    I have a chicken, it is my chicken
    You have a chicken, it is your chicken
    We have a chicken, it is our chicken

    I am a chicken, I’m a chicken
    You are a chicken, you’re a chicken
    We are chickens, we’re chickens

    As you can see, your and you’re have different meanings. When they are used incorrectly, it is confusing for the reader.


    You should be registered as a democrat as most of the primaries especially in New York City state is from the Democratic party & in most cases whoever wins the primary is a is usually a shoe in to win the election. Therefore until the ReRepublicans start having the majority of primaries & become the main party in NYC register as a Democrat so we can continue to keep candidates such as Alexander Occassio Cortez out of office. Now for the Democratic primary vote for the candidate who Trump will have the easier time defeating in November & vote for Trump in November. If we register as Republicans we will no longer be able to vote in the Democratic primaries @ Chas vashalom we will not have a say if candidates who will hurt the community will get elected


    you’re totally correct
    however your original post was misleading
    you posted
    “So if you are a democrat.
    Shorten “you are” with “you’re”, as in “So if you’re a democrat””

    leading me to believe i had written
    “So if you are a democrat.”

    i did not go back to check my original post

    that being said, this is a blog
    most people dont pay attention to spelling (dont, don’t) errors or grammer or punctuations
    chances are if you cant figure out i meant “you are” without my using an apostrophe, you wouldn understand what i wrote anyway


    But is this a blog?


    To expand on Eli51’s comment, there’s absolutely no reason to be a registered Republican this year (at least in NY/NJ) because there are no Republican primaries to speak of. In 2016, there were presidential primaries for both parties, so you could voice your opinion either way. Of course, by the time of the NY Primary (April 28) and most certainly by the NJ Primary (June 2), that opinion probably won’t be worth much. So not only do NY and NJ voters not matter in the general election (since neither state is a swing state), but they also don’t matter in the primary season.

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 15 total)
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