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    Does anyone have a recipe for a low carb challah? I would prefer under 15 g per kezayis. Thank you.


    And while you’re at it, please post a recipe for no carb pizza. Thanks.


    I assume you put almond or coconut flour or potato starch and mix it with a little wheat flour. But I don’t see how you can make a Motzei on it.(That’s for challah).


    I thought a kzayis follows the amount of flour, am I wrong on that? So definitionally it is impossible to have more or less in a kzayis, except by using a flour that is lower carb–does that exist?


    Nechama Cohen of the Jewish Diabetes Association has a recipe in her cook book EnLItTEned Kosher Cooking.

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    ☕ DaasYochid ☕

    Popa, machlokes.

    Even if we need a k’zayis of flour, k’zayis is a volume measure, so a fluffier challah would have fewer carbs per k’zayis, and using whole wheat would also help, because the fiber carbs don’t count for the diet, but does count towards the k’zayis.


    Fiber carbs “don’t count”?

    I think that depends on the diet.

    Do you happen to know Elisheva and know what diet she’s on?

    Technically bread made with whole wheat flour still has a lot of carbs, they’re just a different type of carbs that are metabolized differently.

    The best way to have your kezayis and eat it too is to look at that other high carb culprit – Sugar!

    Most homemade challos are full of sugar. Eliminating the sugar will definitely change the taste and most likely the texture as well, but substantially reduce the carbs. There is an obligation to consume a kezayis of Hamotzi – meaning wheat flour based bread; you can dispense with the sugar and create no problem with having Seudas Shabbos.

    If there are medical issues involved, and getting rid of the sugar isn’t adequate, then I’m sure a Rav can help determine if Elisheva can dispense with using the grain-based flour as well.

    You might have to consult with the Rebbetzin for the recipe though.

    ☕ DaasYochid ☕

    They don’t count on the Atkins diet because of the way it is metabolized. Non soluble fiber, AFAIK, doesn’t get metabolized at all.

    It should be noted that l’chatchilah you are supposed to have more than two k’zeisim.


    Iacisrmma, I’m diabetic and thanks to you I just bought EnLItTEned Kosher Cooking on Amazon. Tizku Limitzvos.

    Thanks again.


    How much is Kezays is really is up for debate. One doesnt have to eat a Chazon Ish Kezayis size to be yotezei especially if there are other reasons one cannot eat that size


    PBA A kezays is the compressed volume of bread/challah not the volume of flour. So for example, if you took 4 oz. of wheat flour and mixed in 3 oz. of almond flour the wheat flour nullifies it and you would go after the major ingredient. Then add 3 oz. of coconut flour and 3 oz of potato starch. The majority nullifies the minority once again.I am neither a baker nor a rabbi so please contact both before use as to taste or Brocah.


    Low carb, but add potato starch? Then it’s not low carb. Starches, sugars and carbohydrates are the issue that make ha’motzi a serious health problem. There’s no mezonos food that’s healthy. And actually, they’re seriously unhealthy. The parve foods that were invented so we can eat them with our fleishech meals, ouch, a punch right to the fatty liver. No. Study after study after study that’s not paid for by the sugar industry or the soy industry or by any segment of the food industry show the health benefits of no sugars, no wheat, no grains, no alcohol, all to lower the release of insulin in the blood. It’s elevated insulin levels which killing us. “These are my laws that you should live by them.” And, “You shall eat, you shall be satisfied, and you shall bless the Lord your God.” Ok, sugars & carbs do NOT tell the brain to tell us that we’re satieated. That’s biological fact.

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