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    call me rabbi j

    There’s this new user in the coffee room named @lululemontatty. He has been spreading false ideaoligy about lululemons that bachurim wear. The pants Bachurim wear are very dressy and nice pants for a bachur to wear. We must get him out of the coffee room


    Recess is at 11:00.


    Many yeshiva bachurim have this thing where they do 2 days Purim, maybe 3 in israel. They go to for example RBS for Purim one day, then Jerusalem the next. What does the oilem think about this?


    NOT TRUE! I wear sometimes lululemons. Muzband likes when I wear them but למייתא they aren’t kosher. They are comfortable. And they better be for the price they are.

    But fiiina yeshiva bochurim shouldn’t spend tottys money on such a things and instead spend time learning and growing to be good בל מידות, בני תורה, בני ישיבה, gitta future huzbands…

    There are good quality hoisen for a lot cheaper! They should get those and not so much care what about they are wearing.These tapered “nice pants” looks like these kinderloch are wearing my leggings and so they are so not טצניות for any woman to look at and especially any Bochur who considers himself frum to wear. Unless they want to wear a long skirt on top, which will be separate problems of itself.

    If You can’t handle this truth, perhaps you Rabbi J should leave the coffee room!


    This has gotten way out of hand. Bored bochurim/people pretending to be bored bochurim, please find something better to do with your time that does not involve posting naarishe things.


    I think someone needs to post a picture of the way lululemons actually look Because they don’t have to be leggings if you don’t get the leggings plenty of feine yeshiva bochrim and even adirei hatorah wear them albeit they were the tzniusdike ones
    Take a road trip down to any yeshiva and you’ll see numerous bochrim, who look very much the part wearing said levush

    The Rosh

    In my yeshiva I expect all my bocherim to wear lululemon stretchy pants not only that but they are mandated to also wear the stretchy Zara white shirts, so that when my rich bal habatish donors walk through my front doors of my yeshiva they know that the minimum amount of a donation is 50,000 dollars, that is how my yeshiva is run. If anyone would like to donate please let me know, tiska limitzvos

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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