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    why does everybody make so much fun of me (magic yarmulkah tape)


    Why does everybody make so much fun of me

    dont they know that it hurts me so

    cant they see my heart is breaking from the inside

    where oh where can i hide

    oh how i wish someone would be my friend

    and accept me for the way i am

    and together we could play and share

    if only somebody would care

    …or is this the one from the marvelous middos machine? I have foggy memories of these things….

    tomim tihye


    I always try so hard to do my very best

    but I never learned how to play the game

    so why does everybody make so much fun of me

    I’m feeling so ashamed

    oh, how I wish…



    Is this a game?

    Try peeling the tape off your yarmulkah. That might do the trick.


    this is from marvelous middos machine.


    “Doctor miiiiiddoooooos!!!!”

    “not now shnookie”

    “bbbuuuttt doctor middos?”

    “can’t you see i’m busy?”

    “but doctor middos!”

    “What is it shnookie?”

    “uh i uh i think its unplugged”

    “well- why didn’t you say so in the first place?!?”

    ” now turn up the volume”

    ” I’m a hippopotomus, from my top to my bottomess,…. i’ve got hippo feelings tooo…..”

    my fav!!! i still listen to it on my ipod!!! i love it!!!

    ” somethings coming out of the cereal box- ‘who spilled the milk on the kitchen floor, not me! not me!'”

    i could go on for ever!


    Bochuratheart- Is it the marvelous middos machine song that you were looking for? Or is there a different song on the magic yarmulka tape?

    I know that we have the CD somewhere, and I’d be glad to write it out, if you’re looking for a different song- I’ll ask my bro when he comes home from school…

    ☕ DaasYochid ☕

    How I wish that I could be somebody…

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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