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    Does anyone know the lyrics to “Daddy Come Home” [and “Those Were the Nights”] on the new YBC CD (Chanuka). We bought the downloadable songs, so we don’t have a songbook.




    Daddy’s been gone

    Gone for so long

    For him I pray

    He joined the Corps

    Fighting a war

    Somewhere far away

    He promised me he’d return

    When the Chanukah candles burn

    So here I wait

    The blessings I recite

    By the candle-light

    But it’s getting late


    Daddy come home

    Stay with me

    Let me hold your hand

    Let me sit upon your knee

    I see fear

    In Mommy’s eyes

    Every time she cries

    And tries to comfort me

    It’s scary here at home

    My mind begins to roam

    Have I lost you?

    I hear the phone

    Mommy’s mournful moan

    It can’t be true!


    Where has he gone?

    How will I carry on?

    Tell me what can I say?

    Send my Daddy home to…

    Calling my name

    I run into his arms

    Yes, my Daddy came

    Home to me

    Now he’s holding me

    For all eternity

    When night falls

    We stand tall

    Eight candles are burning

    Home at last

    Eyes aglow

    I hug my Daddy tight

    And I’m not letting go



    Bubby burned the Latkes every Chanukah

    Forgot them in the frying pan each year

    While we were having fun playing Dreidle

    Smoke alarms were wailing everywhere

    Firemen were breaking all the windows

    Zeidy closed his eyes, began to pray

    Those Latkes had no luck

    Our mouths bit down & stuck

    But Bubby made us eat them anyway


    Those were the nights of Chanukah

    I remember long ago

    When our family got together

    Little eyes aglow

    Multi-colored candles burning

    As the joyous songs were sung

    How I miss the Menorah lights

    When we were all so young

    Uncle Jake bought donuts by the dozen

    But Uncle Hymie ate while singing Maoz Tzur

    And that was Uncle Hymie’s big mistake

    Our parents stood there beaming as they called us

    And handed us our presents one by one

    Bathed in the light

    The Menorah burning bright

    Sweet memories as brilliant as the sun


    Where are those nights? Full of fun, full of lights

    I can still hear their laughter and songs

    But though they are gone, their spirit still lives on

    For Bubby’s love is still alive and strong


    Those were the nights of Chanukah

    Spent with family and friends

    Filled with dreams and laughter

    That we thought would never end

    So cherish your moments together

    And we wish a happy Chanukah

    To everyone


    Thank you so much!!!



    Daddy Come Home

    But he can’t

    The judge say

    He has to stay

    In koilel to learn

    As a guest of the Feds

    So far away…….


    thanx cb! i was trying to teach my self this song on the keyboard but it was kinda hard w/o the words. and google sent me here!


    hi !

    my little sis wants to play “haavas hashem” from @YumiLowy and Yossi Green on keyboard but i can’t found the sheet… someone can help?


    channuka sameach

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