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    Does anyone have the lyrics to that Yanky at the Seder song?


    ☕ DaasYochid ☕

    THE TEN PLAGUES (MAKOS) Music and Lyrics By: Yocheved Sorcher
    When the time came to punish Egypt, Pharoah was busy taking a dip. He went down to the Nile’s cool water and mud, but the water turned to blood. He hardened his heart, he said “I don’t care”, we won’t drink water, we’ll drink root beer. But with each drink he drank, he just looked more glum ’cause it all had turned to Dom (blood)!

    Chorus: Oh Pharoah, oh Pharoah, you’ll have to suffer, with that ache in your head . Until you’ll learn, that Hashem meant what he said: והוצאתי והצלתי, וגאלתי ולקחתי
    Hashem set Bnai Yisroel free, to give the Torah to you and me.

    The Mitzrim would make scary noises at night, this filled the tired Jews with much fright. But the noisemakers soon saw that noise is no joke, when the frogs began to croak!
    King Pharoah’s hairdressers bought all kinds of goo, conditioners, creams, all kinds of shampoo. But not one of them helped, used once or used twice, because Pharoah now had lice!


    Egyptian ladies wanted fur coats to wear, leopard or mink or white polar bear. But they all changed their minds in Makas Uroiv, when the leopards came in droves! Though Pharoah still claimed that he was the boss, in Makas Dever, he suffered a loss. With his animals dead, he now had no meat, fruit was all that he could eat.

    To pay for Bnai Yisroel’s toils, Pharoah was suddenly covered with boils. The Egyptians used all kinds of cream on their skin, but they couldn’t hide their Shchin!


    The stubborn Egyptians kept hurting the Jews, to see that Hashem is the king they refused. They still honored Pharoah, they’d say “Hail to the king”, so Hashem the Hail did bring!

    Makas Dever did away with the meat, Makas Arbeh did away with the wheat. But King Pharoah so stubborn, turned away his cheek, and declared “Grasshopper week!”


    Remember the slavery in Mitzraim, though those days were dark, though those days were dim. In Makas Choshech we saw the light from Hashem, It was dark only for them!

    Bnai Yisroel didn’t need any guns, Hashem did away with Egypt’s first born sons. Makas Bechoros was the final blow, “Please go” said Pharoah, “Go”!


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