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    My wife and I recieved a piece of registered mail by Doar Rashum. My wife did not go to answser the door, she was not available when the dude came. Two days later, she went to the Doar to get the mail. The lady asked for her passport to verify it was indeed she who deserved to claim the package that the dude had brought to our house. Now, my wife hasnt changed her surname to mine after marriage, but everything in Israel is under my last name. So it says my last name with her first name. The lady looks at the Darkon and says- it doesnt match. My wife syas- look stupid, its my name and address, so give me the package. The lady says- its not you. My wife says- its my hubbies name. The lady says- BRING IN YOUR Marriage Certificate!!.

    To claim a package. A marriage certificate. Women are nuts.


    See what happens when a wife doesn’t register her husband’s surname as her own upon marriage?



    Or maybe that woman is nuts? Or maybe the postal laws in Israel are nuts?


    Are you blaming your wife, too?


    And if she would give it to someone who happens to live in your building with the smae first name, and then u file a claim, you be shouting off the rooftops and threatening to sue. So I guess in a way the lady at the post office is right, she wants to make sure it’s the right lady! The post office in the US is nothing to write home about either…


    no no. women are nuts.


    Did the Maase She’haya, Kach Haya happen?

    Anyways, sometime following rules in one instance makes no sense. But they were put in place for some reason.


    I have another Maase She’haya, Kach Haya. You gotta hear it.

    So, it was, like, erev Shabbos, and my wife told me we were out of grapejuice. I’m like, wine was good for the seder, it’s kosher year round! And she’s like, the grandkids like grapejuice and make sure it’s Kedem. I say, that’s the purple juice! No? And she’s like Yeah! Grape Juice is purple. So I head out to the local grocery, and buy a bottle of purple grape juice. And my wife said, Thanks a lot.

    Mamash a Maase She’haya, Kach Haya!

    Let’s all hear some more everyday Maase She’haya, Kach Hayas…


    It’s so interesting to hear what you’re like and what your wife is like.


    I once had a similar story here.

    So I left the PO and went right to the DMV office to make myself a non drivers license which is also valid Photo ID , but it had my married name on it.

    I waited a few days to receive the license in the mail, and then rushed right back to the PO to claim my package.

    I said my name and asked for my package, the guy said no problem, turned around, and brought out my package!

    Not a word mentioned about ID needed! I almost plotzed!

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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