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    Are we aloud to use maaser money to pay a ticket

    Like speeding or parking tickets?


    Ask your Rabbi


    In Kiryas Yoel? If it gets used to furnish a Bais Medrash, probably.


    I do not know the actual halacha (and I could possibly be totally off-base), but this is my response. Before you ask your LOR, ask yourself: I broke the law by speeding or parking illegally. Can I honestly use tzedaka money to pay a fine for a crime I committed? Can we EVER use tzedaka to pay a fine for a crime of any type, of which we are guilty? If NOT guilty, then I can see a place for asking the shailah of a rov, because in that case, you could argue the point that you are being forced to give a donation to the government, which uses those funds for a variety of reasons,among them possibly charitable ones. if however, you are guilty, you are paying a k’nas, which is not a donation voluntary or otherwise, but a punishment. Therefore, IMO, that should come out of your own pocket in addition to money you set aside for tzedaka, not in lieu of it.


    No, ask me.

    You are not allowed. You must pay maaser and then pay the ticket. Don’t do it again.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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