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    can ppl. give me ideas as to where i should give my maaser money. I don’t have a “regular” person, school, or organization and i could use some ideas.

    (there was for sure a previous thread on this topic but i can’t find it if there was.) THX 🙂


    Chai Lifeline!! or any Yeshiva in your neighborhood, or Kids of Courage… Unfortunately, there are tonz of places that would jump for joy for any donation!!


    Is there a certain Mitzvah you feel strongly about? If Chessed, maybe a place like Hatzalah. For aniyim, maybe a place like R’ Meir Baal Hanes or Tomche Shabbos. Kiruv, you can try Aish or Oorah. Maybe a place like Chai Lifeline or a place for Hachnosas Kallah. Send it to an organization you can (in some way) relate to.

    (If you know someone who benefited from a certain organization, maybe you can send there as a way of showing appreciation.)

    Tizku L’Mitzvos!

    (Mi K’amcha Yisrael! That wasn’t even the tip of the iceberg.)


    ☕️coffee addict



    Mir. Tosh.

    That’s for you Yiddish speakers out there.


    I’m sure you get enough suggestions in the mail.


    They speak Yiddish in Mir?

    Abba bar Aristotle

    The Chofetz Chaim in Ahavas Chesed writes that the main giving of Maaser should be to help support people who are preparing to teach Torah.


    i’m a little confused. am i supposed to give my maaser first to the ppl in my city or first to the ppl in eretz yisroel??? i’m getting conflicting answers from whoever i ask. neone???


    Abba bar Aristotle posted the following:

    The Chofetz Chaim in Ahavas Chesed writes that the main giving of Maaser should be to help support people who are preparing to teach Torah.

    I strongly encourage you to follow this advice.

    Feif Un

    I was told that maaser can go towards tuition, so a large part of it goes there. I also give a lot to Bonei Olam, as I have some family and friends who were helped by them.


    Cindy, every tzedakah comes with its own story. What are you most sincere about? Everyone chooses what is most important to them, and who they think needs the help the most. There are many organizations that beg for support and when you do your research, you find that they have tons of money from grants and government and wealthy supporters. And then there are others that really need every penny and give every penny to those in need.

    So what is going on around you? Are there people out of work? Can you help with someone’s tuition? Can you help put food on someone’s table by donating to Tomchei Shabbos in your neighborhood? What about a Hachnosos Kallah fund? Is there a sick child in your area, or a particular tzedaka drive specific to your community? Charity begins at home, so take a good look what is happening right in front of you and that might help you decide

    Participant its a soup kitchen in Israel, its so easy to donate. Just go on this website.

    Or another one I give to is a girl’s orphanage in Israel, go to, and it’s also easy to donate!

    Maaser is a huge mitzvah, good luck and you should see a lot of reward from it!!


    thx e/o 🙂


    I tend to go with the suggestion of Aries2756. Maaser, is (or should be) a general Tzedakah fund (as opposed to a specifically targeted Tzedakah.). In this spirit, I’m inclined to help out individuals who are in need of funds on an emergency (One time) basis. It’s a great feeling to know that you helped someone B’shaas Ha D’chak. ???? ???? .


    If you or anybody else is interested in helping out a kollel which is a great merit, than let me know and we’ll work out how we can be in touch!!!

    If a family who lives in israel and is struggling you’d be more willing – pls let me know!!


    A TIME

    Bonei Olam

    Chai Lifeline

    Zichron Shlome


    Tomche Shabbos

    Kupt Ha’ir

    Bikur Cholim

    Bein Ish Ubein Achiv


    There are tons of others….these come to mind right away, though.

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