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    eishis chayil

    does anyone know anything about this camp. ??

    my daughter was not accepted elsewhere and was accepted here/ she is very nervous about it, even though we heard good things about it.

    eishis chayil

    just inquiring



    Kids need some unscheduled time. Find her a couple of friends so that they can hang around together. Let her read books that you usually do not let her. You can rely on r Avigdor Miller who says to read classics if you must to read in English … parental mental health would be a good justification.

    If she is at least 12, she can work or volunteer at a day camp, this would be a great experience. None of our daughters regretted this.


    Send her to camp Troll


    AAQ, I’d be interested to know what Rav Avigdor Miller considered “the classics.” I imagine his definition and my definition would be quite different.


    If I remember correctly he meant Dickens, Tom Sawyer and like. Things that had ethical messages. That were taught in public schools and available in public library up to 60s, I guess.


    Groucho Marx lives on “I would never join a club that would have me as a member”


    here is tape 561, aug 1985. Note that in other tapes he mentions sheker of antisemitism in Dickens (Fagin), Shakespeare, etc

    q: Should a twelve-year-old girl be forbidden from going to the library? And are there alternatives?
    a: As far as the first question, today the library is off limits for anybody. Everybody knows that they have stocked toeivah books and there are other books too like that; and they’re in the children’s section. So letting a child go by herself to a library and looking through the books means that the parent is either entirely ignorant or doesn’t care.

    Libraries used to be good places. When I was a boy, we could go with confidence to the library. There were shelves of books where you could read about poor boys who worked hard. Horatio Alger books; shelves filled with books about people who worked hard and were honest and they became successful. Inspiring books. Today, all you read is books of criminals and wicked children. You read about a child who murdered his father or who brings a gun to school to shoot his teacher. And besides violence, today the books are filled with immoralities. Terrible things. Libraries are off limits today. They are foul places and I think that even adults shouldn’t go to the library. What’s the alternative? If you must read English books, you can buy old-time books, old-time sets of Mark Twain. Now it’s not that I’m recommending it. Mesillas Yesharim is better than that. But if you must read English books then read the old-time sets of O. Henry. Old-time sets of Dickens. If you like heavier stuff, old-time sets of Sir Walter Scott, Ivanhoe and other such books. There are plenty of books that won’t poison the mind as virulently as today’s books. There are plenty of books. There are alternatives.


    Edom hated us. Midyan hated us. Moav hated us. And they’re all gone. Bavel is gone and Persia is gone. They’re all disappearing one after the other. But we’re still here. It’s good to hear what a goy says about this. Everybody knows how I always quote Mark Twain. Mark Twain said that “the Jew walks on the graves of all his oppressors.” They’re all gone and we walk on their graves.

    for balance, here is from 2000
    We are expected to slaughter all of the ideals of the umos ha’olam. You have to slaughter the ideal of literature. Literature is false. The literature of the gentile world is all false literature. It never happened. It’s fiction. People today have accustomed themselves to fiction, to drama and it’s all false! People are being paid to act in a certain way. It’s all false. You have to slaughter their movies. You have to slaughter their music. You have to slaughter all their sports …
    It’s a sin to be Americanized. You can be a good, loyal citizen, but don’t Americanize! As much as possible you must rid yourself of the all these gentile ideas

    1984 Q: Should one allow himself to absorb the apikorsus found in books about niflaos habriyah?
    A: I’m not sure I understand this question but I suppose he means this: If you’re going to read books about the wonders of nature, won’t we also find there statements that can mislead people to atheism and apikorsus? And the answer is certainly you will. And I never said you should read those books. But what I do say is that we have a tremendous textbook whose pages are open before our eyes – nature is apparent and obvious for anybody who is interested in seeing it. יודוך השם כל מעשיך. Everything in this world is praising Hashem. There are so many things that are available every day in our lives that you don’t need any books.

    However, if you’re going to be a teacher, you can read books if you’re capable of understanding the poison and omitting it, skipping over it. But for ordinary people, these gentile books are not recommended.

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