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    Y.W. Editor

    Received via email (unedited):

    Hi hope all is well, I wanted to thank you for keeping the frum world updated on important events happening in the world. I wanted to find out more about the posting: “WHOOPS: Hillary Caught On Video Slipping On Flight Of Stairs In India – TWICE!” I was initially shocked when I saw the posting. It sounds to me like there is something mocking in the posting. As a frum website which to an extent represents the frum world, I was surprised that this would be a news article as we’re not a people who make fun of others even if we strongly differ on their political views and beliefs. I hope that this piece can be taken down. Thank you, E.M.

    WHOOPS: Hillary Caught On Video Slipping On Flight Of Stairs In India – TWICE!


    Doesn’t your Torah say binfol oyvecha al tismach?

    -the purim story ™


    Falling can be an indicator of medical issues and if she is medically unfit that’s another reason to be glad she’s not president.


    Again, this was totally inappropriate unless you are some inexperienced intern in the Trump reelection campaign trying to score points with the Trumkolpfs. Remember when he mocked the handicapped NYTimes reporter.. 99 percent of the time YWN gets it right….this time, not even close.


    This anti-semite hugged and kissed Shuah Arafat YMS as she ranted about how Israel was poisoning the Palestinian water supply.

    Next time, hope she takes a harder fall.

    Rockaway Resident

    – 99 percent of the time YWN gets it right –

    You kidding me? Lucky if it’s 9%.


    PBA -“Doesn’t your Torah say binfol oyvecha al tismach”

    I don’t think that anyone Frum considers Hillary an enemy! There are a lot of us who disagree with her positions. Anyways I’m glad to see she still friends with Huma A.


    Actually, the falling is not the bedt part of the story. When asked by her Indian host as to why 52 % of white women voted for Trump, she said they were forced by their husbands. She said that’s why she lost.
    She is still blaming everyone but herself.


    It’s common knowledge that she’s unbalanced. The article’s only fault is repeating information that everyone already knows.


    you have a point that this doesn’t really belong in the news, let alone on YWN, but I don’t think this is about making fun of older people or aging. I believe the only reason for the mockery is the fact that she is a liar who kept coming up with lies and excuses why she has displayed atypical behaviors over the past years. She can’t bring herself to come clean about anything even when it’s out there in front of everyone. Being caught in (yet another) lie after getting away with so many is what attracts people to this ‘news’. As a therapist who works with people with poor or failing balance (and other therapists can weigh in here) I think more telling than a slip down the stairs, which seemed pretty slippery, was the response of those around her. When a person is known to be at risk of falling, there is a more apathetic/non crisis type response as you see from those around her. If she was slipping unexpectedly, the reaction/responses of the others in her party would have been quite different.


    I guess it’s okay then that the Clinton News Network is unbalanced.


    Why is this still on the site? Do they not read any of the cofree room articles? It is so clearly no toeles and tabloid trash irrespective of how badly I feel feel about clinton

    The little I know

    בנפל איבך אל תשמח

    This refers to a Yid that one is permitted to consider an enemy (as in חמור שנאך). The fall of this goyte, a pathological liar, murderer, cheat, etc. is a true simcha for all of us. We, in golus, all deserve to view the מפלה of our enemies. That’s a major feature that made the miracle of קריעת ים סוף so great, as the posuk states וירא ישראל את מצרים מת על שפת הים. When המן was hung from a public display, the Yidden were in great simcha, ליהודים היתה אורה ושמחה וששון ויקר. Yes, we recognize seeing our enemies fall as a bit of wonderful news, and we should rejoice.


    Remember when he mocked the handicapped NYTimes reporter

    Yeah, and I remember when crazy uncle joe told the guy in the wheelchair to stand up


    Not really sure what the issue with this article and video is. It is self understood that when someone enters the race for any political office especially the presidential office their every move will be scrutinized and publicized. Where ever they might be going or whatever they will be doing, there will always be cameras clicking and recording.

    Furthermore, she appears to be a bit frail and is not just being helped up to a normal walking position. The video starts off with her already being assisted, after the slip she gets additional assistance and continues the walk while being assisted from both sides, (like a rebbe..).


    To “Little I Know”
    Your litany of “crimes” (aka murderer etc.) committed by HRC confirms your name….I’m sure you will find a sympathetic ear on Brietbart or Alex Jones’ website but notwithstanding substantive and passionate policy differences, most readers here generally retain a high level of objectivity.


    Why is an old lady falling news?


    This is significant because during the campaign, people claimed anyone who thought that Hillary might have health issues was a conspiracy theorist. This story gives more credence to the theory that she has health issues. Also, this is not some person sneaking around taking secret videos of her. She was on a publicity tour where she was bashing Trump, everyone who voted for him, and talking about how all women that voted for her were forced to. If you want to keep putting yourself in the media by talking about how everyone who doesn’t love you is a monster, then there will be people around to report when things happen to you.


    TLIK -“Yes, we recognize seeing our enemies fall as a bit of wonderful news, and we should rejoice.”

    You’re jumping the gun – she only slipped twice. Nothing to get excited about! IY’H your wishes will come true.


    Thank you “The Little I Know” for that very insightful explanation. Although I am not positive that I heard it before, it rings true, so I will try to verify it with my Rav. But very interesting! And very relevant, coming just after Purim.

    I do seem to recall R’ Avigdor Miller advising us to mock Reshaim so that they lose face in the eyes of others that might be swayed to them.


    I’m not a fan of Clinton. But she doesn’t fall so often, and if it happened two times on one staircase, either she was tired, ill, or the problem was the staircase.


    May she have a respectful burial.

    The little I know


    You gotta be kidding.

    There is huge documentation that gets ignored by MSM about Hillary’s record. You might choose to minimize the email scandal. I cannot. Handling secret info that belongs to the country is not something to treat lightly when one is in charge. Her convenience matters nothing, and she clearly prioritized herself over the country. Yes, she was a criminal in just that alone, let alone much else. The FBI failing to charge her was clearly a debacle, and is the subject of a new investigation. Achieving high status comes with a higher standard of behavior. She failed dismally.

    Benghazi was a crime of murder. No, she didn’t pull the trigger. It was not casual negligence either. You think there was superior intellect involved in her main line of defense being “What difference at this point does it make?” Should that line be repeated for every crime? That is a mockery of the entire judicial system. She was in charge, and she consciously chose what to do or not do.

    Her pathological lying is legendary. Being unable to see that speaks poorly of you. Don’t go there. She was “under fire”?

    Her ownership and control of the MSM was disastrous, and continues to be a calamity. You can no longer trust anything political on CNN, etc. Every single tragedy in the country is somehow blamed on Trump? really? Is their IQ on the positive side of zero?

    I visit neither Breitbart of Alex Jones websites. I do not get information from them. I listen to what is being stated everywhere else, and I discard the trash. MSM spin is easy to detect. When you filter out their additions, you can see what is fact not fiction.

    Her record has caught up with her, and her days in politics are B”H over. Now, we would all accomplish something useful in our lives if we stopped paying attention to her. Her utterances are emanating from her bitter emotions, not political knowledge. No, she was never a good politician. She used her position as SOS to advance the Foundation. She placed that in priority to her responsibilities to her job. Personal wealth at great expense to morality and ethics, the safety of this country, and safety of the population is not a virtue. She was not a failure. I consider her behavior, which i would have expected to be the opposite, not patriotic but treasonous. There is nothing terrible that can happen to her that does not merit our joy.


    the reason why this is important news on YWN is because some of the readers still feel bad that President Trump beat her.
    So just hammering home the point.


    The 70 year old fogey Hillary slipped in the bath in India today and was hospitalized with a broken wrist. Huma wasn’t around to catch her in time.


    Joe -“The 70 year old fogey Hillary slipped in the bath in India today and was hospitalized with a broken wrist.”

    That’s her punishment for her lies!
    “She was on a publicity tour where she was bashing Trump, everyone who voted for him, and talking about how all women that voted for her were forced to.”

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