WHOOPS: Hillary Caught On Video Slipping On Flight Of Stairs In India – TWICE!


The American Mirror reports Clinton was attempting to descend about 15 stairs at Jahaz Mahal, an abandoned royal palace complex in the ancient city of Mandu, India.

She was holding the arm of an aide.

With Huma Abedin following behind, Clinton slipped about halfway down the descent, nearly tumbling down.

A man walking in front of her jumped to grab her as she reached for him.

Despite both men helping her get to the bottom of the stairs, she slipped again, nearly doing the splits.

Huma stopped to watch as Clinton attempted to regain her balance.

Hillary kicked off her sandals to get to the bottom of the stairs.

Clinton was in the country promoting her book, “What Happened.”

This isn’t the first time Clinton has had balance issues and required the aid of others to avoid falling.

During the 2016 campaign, Clinton had to leave a 9/11 memorial early and was filmed collapsing on the curb while attempting to enter a van. Secret Service agents kept her from falling to the ground and loaded her into the vehicle.

The incident was blamed on pneumonia, and Clinton was filmed walking out of her daughter Chelsea’s apartment in New York City later that day, though she did leave the campaign trail for a few days to recover.

Former President Bill Clinton, in an interview after her collapse, said that Hillary had fainted “on more than one occasion,” blaming dehydration for the episodes.

(Nat Golden – YWN)


  1. בִּנְפֹ֣ל א֭וֹיִבְךָ אַל־תִּשְׂמָ֑ח
      וּ֝בִכָּשְׁל֗וֹ אַל־יָגֵ֥ל לִבֶּֽךָ׃

  2. akuperma and lebron06

    Perhaps it is meaningful to know enough (documented) facts to question the veracity of certain people and certain institutions. Today we know, for example, that President Kennedy was indeed in severely poor medical health which the Democrats and the “deep state” and the system covered up and openly denied when confronted at the time. These may be a lesson on how to relate to the words, accusations and denials of certain people and certain political groups.

  3. I’m definitely not a fan of Hilary. However, I’d like to know how exactly is this news? Also, for a site that ostensibly doesn’t show pictures of women, isn’t it interesting that this self-imposed ban is thrown out the window when there’s an opportunity to make fun of a woman?

  4. Further to my previous post, Clinton’s visit was not a private matter for family. She openly trashed Trump etc. in a most public and despicable manner.

  5. georgeg : President Kennedy was considered a young man (okay, I thought he was an old person at the time). Everyone knew he had health problems though not how severe they were. His health issues would have been controversial if known (and that fact he cheated to get sent into combat in spite of being medically unfit would have worked to his credit).

    Hillary Clinton is an old person by any standard, and is retired from a reasonable career in public life. Old People normally fall down. It is not a scandal. It is what happens when you get old. And it is very rude to make fun of her for that.

  6. I am not a Clinton fan, but she aint a young chick either and when you age, balance and seeing where you are going is difficult, going down stairs is dangerous especially if there are no railings.

  7. This is relevant and appropriate for a news site. This woman could very easily have been our president and it would be a major story if she were president. There have been many stories about the health of presidents in the past and they are considered significant because we need to know that the person making major decisions is in sound health. The point of this story is not to point out that Hillary is aging. It is to point out that all of those people who were concerned about her health were correct to be concerned. Most stories about Hillary’s health were brushed off by her supporters and the media, maybe there was reason for concern after all.

  8. It’s nice to see that a few YWN readers know when some articles don’t deserve to be posted, and a politician some of us don’t like deserves a modicum of privacy when she’s out of the public eye. And I don’t like her politics either – too right-wing for me.

  9. What a ridiculous post! I don’t know about any of you, but I’m nowhere close to Hillary’s age, and I’ve found myself nearly slipping on smooth, weathered stones (think the stones in the old city of Yerushalaim) on more than one occasion. Such a surface offers no traction and is minimally better than ice. Add stairs and slippers to that, a slip is almost inevitable.

    PS. When you publish garbage like this, it weakens any meritorious posts which you might have in the future.

  10. > akuperma

    “too geshmak ” has already responded (without mentioning any particular poster) but I would add that the Clinton campaign vociferously questioned Trump’s health (both physical and mental), so it seems only “fair” that Clinton should be under no less scrutiny.

    And in response to those who would ask to allow her privacy, I already pointed out this was not a private family vacation. She was on a public – publicity tour with public speeches trashing Trump. So asking for “privacy” out there in public seems rather strange.

  11. Parkinson’s. Drugged up on prescription meds. I think it’s funny, this evil woman deserves to be humiliated for everything she’s done. Frankly, I wish she would have fallen & broken her neck: another unexplained, accidental death. There are so many associated with the Clintons, what’s one more? The body count keeps rising anyway.