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    Ben Levi

    I am curious.
    There are those that I assume still profess to believe that the Mainstream media is not purely anti-Trump.

    How then do they explain the following.

    A ridiculous story ran in a “mainstream” publication this past week accusing Trump of saying very specific things at a very specific time besmirching the US Armed forces.

    At last count I believe a dozen individuals, including some who are know to be extremely “anti-Trump”, who actually were there stated on the record in never happened.

    Yet in all “mainstream” publications it seems that while they acknowledge the White House denials they seem to leave out the fat that 12 different people on the record have called this story a fabrication.

    Not only that but the mainstream media seem to be incapable of asking Joe Biden if you claim to be capable of uniting people why are you attacking an individual over a story he has denied and a dozen witnesses say has never happened.

    If you want to unite the country is this helpful?

    And curiously while the mainstream media is talking about this alleged, repudiated story for days, they have run virtually zero stories on the very real confirmed breakthrough that Trump engineered regarding the Serbia-Kosovo deal.

    Nor it seems, have they found the time to report the real developing story of Bahrain following the UAE’s footsteps.

    Objectively speaking having the UAE & Bahrain signing peace accords with Israel & SA opening its airspace is a big deal, and is probably the biggest breakthrough in the Mideast since the signing of the Oslo Accords.

    Yet the mainstream media is virtually ignoring it.

    If they are not actively suppressing any good news the Trump administration is doing then what is the explanation?

    Sam Klein

    “If they are not actively suppressing any good news the Trump administration is doing then what is the explanation?”

    Cause the media is pure democratic and pro biden and they have their agenda-just like every media does-if they mention trump it has to be bad about him otherwise everyone will say their news is republican and supports Trump

    Speaking about these amazing accomplishments of Peace between these countries and Israel through Hashem and his Shliach Donald Trump would give the republican party points in elections and this is not something these demorats are willing to do for their life


    Ben Levi,

    The story was written by Jeffrey Goldberg in the Atlantic who vouches for the truthfulness of the story.
    The multiple sources that told him the quotes in the story vouch for the truthfulness .
    Why should the Atlantic quash the story when it is newsworthy ?

    The MSM picked up the story from the Atlantic.
    Why should the media quash the story when it is newsworthy ? Fox news did their own investigation and confirmed parts of the story.

    It is not one incident that can be denied by people who were there. The story is about a president that has repeatedly disparaged the intelligence of service members, and asked that wounded veterans be kept out of military parades.

    Trump’s denials are not believable anymore . Nor is anything else he says since he has lied so much.

    Biden’s is not trying to unite with Trump. He is trying to beat him.

    With a simple google search, it is clear that the MSM media has covered the Serbia-Kosovo deal.


    @jackk, the Atlantic is not anti Trump? if that is the case the KKK loves the NAACP

    Reb Eliezer

    Didn’t Trump denegrade McCain saying that he was no hero because he was captured? The son wanted but never joined tbe military as the father would disown him?

    Reb Eliezer

    It is ironic, yesterday Trump defended himself for attacking the military by attaking tbe military saying tbat the generals want wars to support the bomb and other amunition creation companies.

    Resident Mortal


    Stop spreading fake news, all fox news did was confirm that there is anonymous people trashing Trump not that the anonymous source is correct and there has still not been one scintilla of evidence that bashed large swaths of the military and his personal comments about McCain was before he died and there is no proof that he said anything more disparaging about McCain after he died.

    Ben Levi

    Using as “proof” the fact Trump denigrated McCain, a bitter political rival is absurd.

    Also I was not asking why the Atlantic did not “quash” the story, I was asking why they did not that while yes they had 4 “anonymous” sources over a dozen eyewitnesses, who were present and had direct knowledge denied that the incident ever happened.

    That is not simply Trump making a denial, that is a dozen individuals including those that are notable for not being fans such as Bolton and Kelly’s aide.

    Saying you have to search Google to show the MSM covered the Bosnia-Kosovo story really proves my point.
    I am sure that CNN had an obligatory piece somewhere as did WaPo and the NY TIMES, but where was the front page stories of an accomplishment that is objectively a groundbreaking act of peace?


    common seychel,

    The Atlantic is anti-trump. It is one publication. The Atlantic is not “The MEDIA or The MSM”. They alone are responsible for their story.

    Everyone else is reporting what they said because it is newsworthy.

    Trump has his own Pro-Trump media. I never hear his supporters complain about Fox news, OANN ,Newsmax, Bretibart ALL the millionaire conservative radio hosts, Twitter (which allows Trump to reach directly his followers) etc … when they are biased against the democrats.
    The left leaning media is biased against Trump and the right leaning media is biased towards him.


    Fox news went to the sources and they confirmed what was said in the Atlantic article . What else do you want – a tape recording ?
    Jennifer griffin , “Not every line of the Atlantic article did I confirm, but I would say that most of the descriptions and the quotes in that Atlantic article, I did find people who were able to confirm, and so I feel very confident in my reporting,” Griffin said.
    “I can tell you that my sources are unimpeachable,” Griffin said on the air Saturday. “I feel very confident with what we have reported at Fox.”

    The president lashed out at Griffin in a tweet after she initially reported that her sources confirmed details of the Atlantic report, calling for her to be fired from the network.

    Can you imagine Obama requesting a news organization fire an employee ?

    What difference is it that he disparaged McCain before he died ? It shows that he has no respect for an American war hero who suffered in a POW camp in North VN.

    Can you imagine an Israeli politician saying that he isn’t a fan of the Israeli’s captured in the 1956 war with Egypt ? He likes people who weren’t captured.


    Ben Levi,
    I used google because I do not have every newspaper, TV show and radio program delivered to my house. I do not know the history between Israel , Kosovo and Bosnia to come to a conclusion whether the entire MSM are not treating it as what can be described as a front page story of an accomplishment that is objectively a groundbreaking act of peace.
    If you know the history, I will be happy to understand why this is front page news and is groundbreaking .

    I do not know who is lying on the issue of the statements attributed by the Atlantic to anonymous sources and denied by others. I take no stand one way or the other.
    My point is that if I was Jeffrey Goldberg and I had senior officials tell me statements that Trump made, I would feel 100% correct in reporting them.

    Ben Levi

    Again Jackk for some reason you seem to be ignoring my point.

    Jeffrey Goldberg had four “anonymous” sources.

    Griffin confirmed that yes there are at least 2 anonymous sources.

    However at least 12 additional people who were witnesses to the event stated it never happened.

    This includes people who are known as “anti-Trump”.

    Now why is this crucial fact left out of all mainstream reporting?

    If you wish to report one side fine.

    If the MSM finds this story “newsworthy” fine.

    However why is not not pertinent to readers of mainstream publications to know that this is not a case of Trump denying a qoute attributed to him.

    This is a case where literally everyone who witnesses it is stating it is not True.

    Regarding Kosovo & Bosnia.

    Again I did not ask why the story of Kosovo opening an embassy in Jerusalem was not reported.

    I asked why the objectively groundbreaking story of negotiating a path towards peace between Bosnia & Kosovo was not deemed front page news?

    Ben Levi

    If you are willing to acknowledge that CNN. THE NY TIMES, WAPO, NBC, & the rest of what is know as the MSM are essentially left wing news services the equivalent of Breitbart I am fine,

    However Breitbart, Newsmax & the others acknowledge they are “right wing” as does Fox’s opinion hosts.

    Why does the MSM claim to be “non-partisan”?


    Dear Common,

    The Atlantic is pro top notch journalism. And makes an effort for items that require careful research. That in of itself, is about as anti Trump as any coverage could be. It is not an intellectuals fault, that Trump despises intellectualism. One of the few places to find an intelligent opinion on why to continue to support Trump is The Atlantic.


    Dear Resident,

    Maybe you do not follow fox news. Jennifer Griffin is among tiger best investigative reporters. She is confirming that parts of the story is true. The President does talk like this. And he does not understand why anyone would serve or sacrifice. (I am not sure why this is a story. These were obvious perspectives of his for decades.) If he’s saying her sources are impeccable only amounts to that anonymous people are trashing Trump, you are inferring that fox news never does any real reporting. They just rely on people to ask People things, without caring what the real facts are. As much as I dislike fox for monopolizing viewpoints, it is a fact that they solidly back up their sources.


    Dear Ben,

    You say there are at least twelve people denying the story. Please list five.

    The article alleges multiple incidents. One is being disputed. And another is being questioned. The one in France was not confirmed by FOX.

    Would this story mean something to you? [You can believe it and say that it does not bother you. I am confused if you are calling out what parts of the story are not being reported. Or what the front story is.]

    Ben Levi

    1) John Bolton Former NSA advisor at the time

    2) Zach Fuentes- Former White House Deputy Chief of Staff in his denial he stated “Honestly, do you think General Kelly would have stood by and let anyone call fallen Marines losers”.

    3) Jamie McCourt-Ambassador to France & Monaco- Who also stated the President was “devastated” not to be able to make the trip and the next day spoke at a ceremony in “the pouring rain”.

    4) Sarah Huckabee Sanders- Former White House Press Secretary.

    5) Hogan Gidley-Former White House Deputy Press Secretary- Who stated “These are grotesque , reprehensible lies I was there in Paris and the President never said those things.

    6) Dan Scavino-White House Deputy Chief of Staff

    7) Jordan Karem- Former Personal Aide to President Trump- “this is not even close to being factually accurate. Plain and simple, it never happened”. also on Twitter “again this is 100% false I was next to @Potus the whole day! The President was greatly dissapointed when told we couldn’t fly there. He was incredibly eager to honor our Fallen Heroes”

    8) Johny DeStefano- Former Counselor to the President “I was on this trip. The Atlantic bit is not true. Period.

    9) Major General (ret) Bill Matz, Secretary of the American Battle Monuments Commision

    10) Lt General Keith Kellog (Ret) National Security advisor for VP Pence.

    Is 10 enough?


    “The MSM picked up the story from the Atlantic.”

    Other MSM confirmed that Goldberg is telling the truth.

    Trump is the ultimate witness to the event and he lied even while trying to deny what he said: He claimed he called Melania in the US. Melania was on the trip with him.

    Goldberg has credibility. Trump has none. He lies about absolutely everything.

    “Can you imagine Obama requesting a news organization fire an employee ?”

    Every one of the Trump cult here would be calling for Obama’s impeachment. They are all hypocrites.

    “the MSM media has covered the Serbia-Kosovo deal”

    It is all over the MSM. And it is unraveling; Serbia is now saying that it won’t move its embassy if Israel recognizes Kosovo. And the EU is threatening both.

    This is more hypocrisy. I tried to get frum Jews here and elsewhere to help re-elect Eliot Engel, Kosovo’s #1 supporter in America. The response was deafening silence other than some objections to supporting any liberal. The Trump cult cares not about Israel but about other things.

    “What difference is it that he disparaged McCain before he died ? It shows that he has no respect for an American war hero who suffered in a POW camp in North VN.”

    He had disparaged McCain as early as 1999 — it is on video!

    The Trump cult is a bunch of anti-American zealots who hate this country, its institutions, and its heroes. They are every bit as bad as the Antifa anarchists and the BLM Marxists. Except that they are worse because they have a lot of power and far more support. It is a chulul HaShem that some Jews are part of this cult.


    Next the Trump cult will complain that it is “bias” that the mainstream media will report that there are recordings of Trump admitting that he was deliberately lying about the dangers of the coronavirus.


    None of the “denials” debunk the story because nobody was with Trump 100% of the time, many aren’t really denials but arguments, Trump is already on record as lying in his attempt to rebut, Trump himself has lied thousands of times, many of the alleged denials are from people who are themselves proven liars (Bolton, Sanders, Gidley), every other world leader scheduled to attend made it to the cemetery along with Kelly and Dunford, and Trump is on record having derided military service by others on other occasions.

    And now Trump is confirmed to have knowingly lied about the coronavirus.

    The Trump cult is more and more disconnected from any semblance of reality.


    Thanks Ben, I’ll have a look.

    I am not sure what your issue is. How the media reported the story? Or, that this is the main story? Some other point?

    Ben Levi

    Actually Charlie, if you read the denials several make the point that they were with the President throughout the day and it never happened.

    Regarding lying about the Coronavirus.

    Lets recap.

    The recording are from early February, when Trump stated to Woodward this was serious.
    Woodward then sat on this information.

    His excuse?

    He did not know if it Trump was telling the truth that he has information this is dangerous!

    Trump on the other hand was taking pretty decisive action

    Back in January on the 23 he ensured that Congress was briefed on the developing situation.

    On the 27th to be exact the FDA began efforts to develop a test.

    On Jan 29, he set up a special Covid task force to ensure government response was wide ranging and unified,

    On Feb 2nd he banned travel from China.

    At the same time he did all that was possible to publicly portray confidence and ensure that Panis did not set in.

    What did the Dems do.

    They continued on with their Impeachment hearings!

    Yup even after they were briefed on Covid they continued focusing on Impeachment!

    Well though Congress was briefed they did nothing in fact on Feb 24 Pelosi visited SF Chinatown to make sure no one was taking Administration limits seriously

    But somehow it’s the President who acted irresponsibly by telling Woodward he did not want to incite a panic?

    Ben Levi

    Again I am unsure why you are focusing on the part of Kosovo moving their embassy to Jerusalem.

    I asked in the breakthrough that all sides acknowledge was created by Trumps strategic approach leading to a credible course that ends the Kosova-Serbia conflict not front page news?


    Dear Ben,

    Trump never assumed the role of leader of the free world in the fight against the pandemic. Not his fault. This kind of leadership is not his thing. Iu is his own loss. Had he risen to the occasion, he would be bruising to re-election.

    If Trump gets credit for the FDA developing it’s own test, than he should be blamed for that test being a failure. As well as not allowing States to test. Either way, Trump later refused to help the States manage testing.

    It gets even worse. Eventually Trump started believing his own kids about the pandemic. He has been talking about his own accomplishments while he has done little outside of creating a time. And has trashed countries and States that have done the better job. When all is said and done, Trump had a miserable year.


    Some posters are just so predictable.

    Ben Levi


    First off I have never and will never state Tump made every right call during the pandemic.

    I don’t think any person can reasonably be expected to make every “right call” during a once in a lifetime crisis.

    However to state that Trump refused to help the States on testing is simply false.

    I don’t know what else to say to that.

    But then again for some reason the MSM failed to report on a number of steps the administration took which were unprecedented.

    Such as Operation Airbridge.

    Or the complicated effort to build 100,000 ventilators.



    “At the same time he did all that was possible to publicly portray confidence and ensure that Panic did not set in.”

    Lying to the American people about the seriousness of the virus and telling them that the virus is going away is not a portrayal of confidence. It is criminal !

    Did other countries leaders feel the need to lie to their citizens regarding the seriousness of the virus in order to portray confidence?

    🍫Syag Lchochma

    Do you mean besides putin, kim jung un, and cuomo?😂


    Dear Ben,

    I looked into it a bit. The denials are of two sorts. The cemetery in France. And those whose job it was to cover for the President. Most of the quotes seem accurate.

    Does the theme of the story surprise you? Trump has been derogatory about NATO, the American Intelligence community, and the current wars. I have read similar articles before this year. What is your point?


    Media bias: see
    * CAMERA [dot org]
    * honestReporting


    Dear Ben,

    You are right, I am mistaken. That should be amended to that he never set up federal testing. That would have been a better use for the stimulus money. There issues, are about the dysfunction in Washington DC. My point is, if Trump gets credit for what was done right, if also gets the blame for what went wrong. My they is that he deserves neither.

    Trump distanced himself from the pandemic for the most part. Cuomo eventually met it head on. I do not agree with Charlie. Nobody ever expected clear policy from Trump. The hope was that he would get stuff done. Maybe he still could. This year was all about impeachment, pandemic, protests, riots, and re-election.


    Dear Ben,

    I agree a million percent. There will always be a lot of mistakes dealing with a pandemic. If we would have had a leader who is able to connect (Reagan.) with the whole nation, people would have maintained trust in the experts. Masks, hand washing, etc.

    Amil Zola

    Just a reminder Deep Throat was anonymous for decades. Bernstein seems to weathered the heat from that rather well.

    crazy horse

    why do people consider cnn main stream. zucker the head of it was in charge of nbc. chris coumo is andrew coumos brother. its all democrats no surprise theres no real news on cnn. they ran with the russia story for 2 years.


    Dear Bored,

    CNN is focused on what people say, and the appearance of the matter. In other words, they are aiming at the shallow viewer. The main issues are ignored. This sells better to the left. Because the ignorant conservative simply does not care who offended whom. According to surveys, CNN has a broad viewers because of the gossip.

    PS A good example is the Russian interference story. It is a real story. Just not a partisan one.

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