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    I am curious what the never Trump crowd currently feels about mainstream media now. It seems that even the centrist WSJ continued to lie for over a day stating that Israel is to blame for the Gaza Hospital explosion. We now see that they have blood on their hands. The fake news riles up crowds that are far scarier than the Jan 6 fake news. Hashem Yirachem. My question is after this modern day blood libel how do you still have faith in the news and isn’t Trump right?
    Disclaimer: I am not a Trump supporter and think he is repulsive. It’s not because I trust the news but rather just listen to the man himself. I cannot stand him. But you can’t deny that he was on the mark in this pointer. (he may be wrong about immigration and China but not this) I’d love to hear from the never Trump folks who use to laugh at this.


    No one’s mind is going to be changed regardless.

    We are past the point of debate, the left is right when they are wrong always need doesn’t matter. The right is playing by the same play book now which compounds this issue.

    The worst thing I’ve seen so far is people regurgitating social media clips to support either side of the war. For every Israeli that’s pro hamas you can find a video of a Palestinian that supports Israel. No one is changing their mind, the conversation is over, now it’s time for action.

    Moshiach now!!


    Actually, mainstream media coverage is considerably less-biased than I would have expected although they were too quick to blame IDF for the Hamas rocket that hit the hospital. If you tune in to NewsMax, they were covering the “news” about Natalie Holoway murder and One America News was covering another election denial story in Arizona and the announcement of Kari Lake (the loser last time) that she is now running for the Senate.


    the media has deadlines to meet. that’s why this happens.
    but, slowly, they come around that it wasn’t israel that bombed that hospital.
    and now word is, via the media, that the casualties were way over-exaggerated, instead of 500, only 5 to 10, or something in that order, were actually killed.
    give the media a little time, and they do tell the truth.
    but the orange blob? always lies and lies and lies. disgusting. lock him up. lock him up.

    ☕️coffee addict

    “Actually, mainstream media coverage is considerably less-biased than I would have expected“

    Says the democrat that has TDS in remission 😝


    Websites have deadlines to meet? CNN website? Even the nyt and WSJ? Midday deadlines ? On the website ?
    Secondly, because you have deadlines you print blood libels ? Then again I ask you how can we trust the news if they print a blood libel bec of a deadline? I still call that the enemy.
    One more point, even when the state dept and IDF proved it wasn’t Israel they still had headlines for nearly a day saying something like Israelis and Palestinians each blame each other for hospital blast? Like for real ? You saw the proof . Hamas yimach Shimo provided no proof and they are nazis isis propagandists yet they still quoted their side as if to give validation to the lowest of the lowest who spread blood libels? This was after they had the facts and it our own govt proved it.

    How can you look at me with a serious face and not call them our enemy ? How do you trust them.

    Again this has nothing to do with trump the low life. But call a spade a spade . The man was right about this


    @ Gadolhadorah
    “they were too quick to blame IDF for the Hamas rocket that hit the hospital” You say that so nonchalantly
    as if that’s just a small blip not yo be concerned about. Do you realize what kind of ramifications that blood libel had? Shuls were burnt down, cemeteries destroyed, protests world wide etc. Israel hand was tied for a day lest they look insensitive . It’s fair worse than Jan 6 incitements. It’s a dangerous blood libel.



    Trump did not invent the term “the enemy of the people”. He took it straight from Stalin and Trotsky. It echoes of totalitarianism.
    It is an offensive term meant to demonize, marginalize and de-humanize political opponents. It should never be used in a democracy. It goes together with Trump’s other favorite term “fake news”. If people disbelieve the media, then Trump can come and constantly repeat his “alternate facts”.

    The mainstream media is not the “enemy of the people”. Neither is the even more biased left wing or right wing media.

    What should we call Fox news, that paid 700 million dollars for repeatedly lying about the election being stolen? Should we call them “the enemy of the people”? Do we even have to give them a derogatory name? Sometimes the media gets things correct and sometimes they don’t.

    The USA is a country founded on freedom of the press, assembly and religion. In the US, the press is a guardian of democracy.
    Dictators, Autocrats, and Politicians want people to believe in only what they say and to ignore facts. Richard Nixon would have continued committing crimes if not for the media.
    American support for the war in Viet Nam would have gone on forever without the media showing the terrible losses.

    The media prints errors every day. They are human and fallible. They have biases and sometime purposefully lie. Some of them are Anti-Semitic. Caveat emptor.


    I think the mainstream media, especially the cable news networks, have saturated their coverage over the past 12 days with horrific pictures of the Hamas butchery to an extent I would not have expected. Yes, they also show destruction in Gaza but that is the reality of news coverage. They have consistently interviewed victims, victims’ families and virtually all the IDF and political leadership of the medinah. Most can disagree, but I continue to believe the coverage is about as good as one might expect for this kind of event. Its not the singular moral clarity that we should expect in a perfect world but better than its been in prior Middle East coverage.


    I just don’t see how spreading blood libels (even for only a few hours) come remotely close to spreading election lies. I fail to understand how you minimize its repercussions at this time. (My apology if I seem to be repetitive but I just don’t get you “mach it avek” as if its no big deal)

    To address you or osmic of the other commnetors pointers, yes I get you Trump didn’t make up the term and its used by many dictators. But that doesn’t make it untrue. Not everything they said was a total lie. So you ask but what about demcoracy which i think we all agree is a good thing? We need freedom of the press. The answer is not all democratic western countries offer the freedoms that the USA offers. There needs to be some limits too. Just like you understand society needs police even in a democratic society. When it comes to national secuirty or broad statements that put sects of people at risk and result in embassies burned down, the media needs to be held accountable. The govt at times needs to silence them and citizens should be able to sue easier when its so libelous just like was done to Fox. Democracy still needs governance and the media is just out of control.

    I still contend that spreading a false blood libel makes you my enemy.


    The mainstream media are the Wall Street Journal and Fox (especially the former). If you watch politically correct media, that have given up on old fashioned objective reporting, it is your choice.


    You say it as if this mistake is just a minor mistake and big deal that it took a day to clean it up. You also measure this mistake like any other mistake. Perhaps I should clarify that it’s the enemy of the Jewish people although America was hurt too.
    Do you realize that because of this mistake, embassies were trashed, shuls and kevarim were burned , a Jewish lady was punched in the face. And worse if all Israel image was tarnished which affects their fighting. I don’t know how you can compare people whose lives are at stake and Jewish lives to Fox stolen election nonsense. It’s moral equivalence isn’t on the same level. Besides Fox is only one network. This was every network. Incidentally Fox I think was the only truthful one here early on but I could be wrong.

    You argue that the media cleared it up a day later and they make mistakes. Well why did they make this mistake ? And why did it take a full day when clear proof is out there after a few hours? Do you know that as of now CNN still says the Palestinians deny Israel’s claims that it came from rockets. As if they are legitimate after all that proof?

    I know it’s harsh to call the media our enemy but for Jews and to an extent all Americans I see it as the truth
    . How do you justify this ? How do you not see how dangerous this blood libel was ?blood libels aren’t dangerous? Even just a day, is a day of blood libels where on social media that’s amplified blood libels.


    I fully agree with you till the hospital fiasco. I think you can’t discount such a dangerous blood libel that has tons of repercussions world wide and to jews. I believe they were sympathetic but now turned on us. However, lets leave my belief aside.

    Can you rationalize the following
    1) why did the mainstream media jumped to conclusions like this, literally spreading a blood libel which is extremely dangerous?
    2) It was proven within a few hours to be not Israel. Then a little later even the US state dept confirmed Israel’s open proof. Yet the media took over a day to change the story. What took so long and why?
    3) Even today as we speak, mainstream media still say , “Palestinian officials deny Israel’s claim that its was Islamic Jihad”. Like for real? You have outright proof yet you quote nazis Isis beasts as if they are a side to reckon with?

    By the way the WSJ is guilty of the same. i am a subscriber and have it open on my screen. It was a big shock to me. (In fact till the blood libel, the WSJ was worse than the NYT. The WSJ was far more sympathetic to the Palestinians. Its a shocker but we need to be honest.)

    I don’t understand why there isn’t an uproar. What’s a blood libel if not this? How are you all minimizing this? This isn’t a small “mistake”. Why are we all not burning mad. Its Mendel Bellles 2.0.


    “Indeed, Palestinians rarely make an appearance in The [Washington] Post, unless it’s to serve as the perennial victim — and this too is contingent on portraying Israel, and only Israel, as the oppressor.

    When Palestinians suffer at the hands of their [own] leaders,
    The [Washington] Post is nowhere to be found.”

    SOURCE: article by Sean Durns, 2019 March 6 www algemeiner com
    The Media Only Cares about Palestinians If Israel Can Be Blamed

    “But the Western press shows little proclivity for reporting on topics that might cast the PA [Palestinian Authority] in a bad light.”

    SOURCE: article by Sean Durns, 2019 March 6 www algemeiner com
    The Media Only Cares about Palestinians If Israel Can Be Blamed

    Stephen M. Flatow said:

    “Despite the constant refrain from the J Street and the international news media about the so-called ‘Israeli occupation of the Palestinians,’ the reality is that 98 percent of the Palestinian Arabs live under Palestinian rule.”

    SOURCE: Looking for Jews to Kill by Stephen M. Flatow 2019 March 6 www JNS org

    Harry Maryles [an Orthodox Rabbi] said:

    “I am so tired of the extreme media bias. And yes. It is extreme.

    Never before has it come into such stark focus as it has under the Trump administration.
    There is hardly any mention of the name Trump without either an overt or disguised negative comment.

    It almost doesn’t matter who is reporting it. The attitude is the same.
    Anything the President says or does is bad. No matter what it is.
    Even his accomplishments are spun into the negative.”

    SOURCE: The Truth about Trump and Illegal Aliens
    by Harry Maryles, 2019 July 12, haemtza blogspot com


    Eric Starkman (a Los Angeles-based writer and journalist) said:

    “The mainstream media has abandoned all pretense of objectivity.

    Whereas in the past journalists viewed themselves as unbiased chroniclers of the news, their focus today is on manufacturing it and dominating the ensuing conversations.

    A journalist’s influence today isn’t determined by the quality or accuracy of their reporting, but rather the size of their Twitter following and the frequency of their television appearances.”

    SOURCE: Why Crown Heights Hate Crimes Aren’t Newsworthy
    by Eric Starkman, 2019 February 17, in The Algemeiner

    Avram in MD


    “although they were too quick to blame IDF for the Hamas rocket that hit the hospital.”

    It goes far beyond that. Major outlets deliberately obfuscated the sources of the claims, calling them “Palestinian officials” or even “health authorities”, when in fact, it was Hamas making the claims. Even days later, many outlets continue to cover it as a “he said, she said” situation, with a tepid, if any, acknowledgement that US officials corroborated Israel’s lack of responsibility for the explosion. Or that Israeli officials have provided abundant evidence, while Hamas has provided zero evidence to support their accusation.

    “If you tune in to NewsMax, they were covering the “news” about Natalie Holoway murder and One America News was covering another election denial story in Arizona and the announcement of Kari Lake (the loser last time) that she is now running for the Senate.”

    Whataboutism. HuffPost’s lead headline is crowing about Jim Jordan’s disgrace, even as two American citizen hostages are b’chasdei Hashem released. A ctrl-f on MSNBC’s home page shows 16 matches for “Trump” and only 3 for “Biden”, despite the former being out of office for years now, and it also has Natalie Holloway at the top of the page.

    “I think the mainstream media, especially the cable news networks, have saturated their coverage over the past 12 days with horrific pictures of the Hamas butchery to an extent I would not have expected”

    Unfortunately, I think this has more to do with voyeurism than true sympathy or balanced coverage. As the old media adage goes, “if it bleeds, it leads.”


    My key pointers still remain:
    1) They jumped to conclusions
    2) They refused to remove it even when the iDF provided proof.
    3)They refused to move it even when Biden confirmed.
    4) Even after the state dept confirmed and showed clear proof, it took a long time to remove it.
    5) Even today many still quote the palestiains as denying it was them.

    Meanwhile there was never any evidence to ever even confuse the facts and think it was Israel. There was never proof provided from the Palestinians that it was us. Yet you believe Hamas?

    Its also very callous to say big deal its like all news that we make mistakes or that Ok big deal now 3 days later its kind of cleaned up. It was a blood libel on steroids’. Do you know what repercussions blood libels have? To compare blood libels to Jan 6 or stolen election lies is just shocking

    Disclaimer: I am anti Trump. I don’t see this with the Trump cult kind of maga altitude. Is ay this as a frum jew who cares about his brothers.


    Laureen Lipsky said:

    “New York City has seen a huge increase in anti-Semitic attacks, largely carried out against religious Jews in Brooklyn. Most of these incidents are ignored by the media.”

    SOURCE: Algemeiner (dot) com, article titled:
    Anti-Israel Hate Marches Continue in Europe and the West
    by Laureen Lipsky 2019/6/6 (Laureen Lipsky is a pro-Israel advocate
    living in New York and the founder of Taking Back the Narrative.)

    Given that the mainstream-news-media intentionally ignored the increase in anti-Semitic attacks in New York City, how can they be trusted to report about Israel fairly?


    David Friedman (USA Ambassador to Israel) said:

    “The next day [after the move of the USA embassy
    to Jerusalem] the Liberal media vilified everyone
    associated with the embassy move
    and glorified the poor Hamas terrorists.”

    SOURCE: Deconstructing where American media has gone wrong
    by Deborah Fineblum, 2019 June 14 www (dot) JNS (dot) org


    Matti Friedman (former Associated Press news reporter) said:

    “The big players in the news business practice groupthink…”
    “Many of the people deciding what you
    will read and see from here [Israel] view
    their role not as explanatory but as political.

    Coverage is a weapon to be placed at the disposal of the side they like.”

    SOURCE: An Insider’s Guide to the Most Important Story on Earth
    by Matti Friedman, 2014/8/26, Tablet Magazine, www (dot) TabletMag (dot) com

    SUMMARY: This article exposes intentional anti-Israel bias in the news media.
    It is still VERY relevant, even though it was written in 2014.


    Reviving this in light of the recent news that there were journalists part of Oct 7 who just stood there filming the horrors without warning anyone.
    I will also say that when the media cries that 80 journalists were killed, I am suspicious if many are innocent or are they Hamas PR spokesmen who are also “freelancer” reporting to CNN and AP? The Gaza journalists are really Völkischer Beobachter which by enlarge means so is CNN & Retuters.

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