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    OK, guys what does דגל -degel mean?

    Right you all said “flag”

    but it’s so not

    Rashi tells every degel had an ois

    So DEGEL means group of people

    and the OIS is the flag

    See also Rashi shir hashirim דגול מרבבה, and ודגלי עלי אהבה

    also תלמידי חכמים המדגלים זה לזה בהלכה [that’s what YWN CR can be sometimes]

    all very very clear

    and of course malochim have groups, not flags

    C’mon guys ‘fess up – right you made a mistake?

    Little Froggie

    What does this have to do with פרשת בחוקתי?

    Sam Klein

    So at the end of the day with all jokes aside which degel are you from?

    TS Baum

    Degel is a flag, which represents a group of people. So sometimes it might say somewhere degel referring to a group of people even if it’s not a flag because that’s what a flag represents.

    For Example, An American flag represents America, so if somebody says ‘I pledge alliance to the American flag’, it doesn’t mean to the literal flag, rather what it represents.


    Zushy is correct. Flags didn’t even exist in the Torah’s times. They were invented in medieval times. דגל only means “flag” in medieval and modern Hebrew, not in Leshon Torah or Leshon Chazal. In Chazal’s times, and apparently also in the Torah’s times, since it’s mentioned in Chumash and Tehillim, what they had was standards, which in Hebrew is נס. These were usually not made of cloth; sometimes a cloth was tied to the standard to make it more visible, but the cloth was just a shmatteh, and didn’t have any particular color or design.


    Please consider that popular etymology trumps logic. The חדקל is the אידיגלת.If you remove the prefix then you have the flagpole to start.


    Tyere Zushy, time for you to be moide al ha’emes – or in your language to fess up.

    1) you live in E. Israel, and therefore are up to parshas bamidbar a week early

    2) you live in E. Israel, and therefore assume that EVERYBODY ELSE is limited to the understanding of modern Hebrew,

    3) you live in E. Israel and are really excited to understand something that you misunderstood until now

    4) you are learning – or heard this form someone learning shir hashirim, rather that actually learning parshas bamidbar

    Tyere Zushy – or Zushy hematuk, in your language

    DEGEL means camp or something similar

    there is NO OTHER WAY to understnad posuk gimmel in perek beis, or posuuk 10 etc…

    it would not make sense to say the flag (singular) dwells (plural) to it’s “tzevo’ois” etc ….

    Rashi FIRST mentions the colored cloths to explain oisois – not degolim. degolim already appears many pesukim earlier.

    there were FOUR degolim, AND TWELVE flags with TWELVE DIFFERENT colors – see rashi 2 2 and rabbeinu bechaye

    One day you will figure put that bikkur choilim menas checking up on the sick rather than visiting, and doinog means all wax, not bee excretion, and you’ll start another thread about a major mistake that many Israeli’s make.

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