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    I wear retainers at night only. Is it permitted to say brachos while wearing them or must they be removed?


    I never thought of that! But mine are non-removable so I don’t have that problem :-).


    does anyone have any answers??


    I’d guess they must be removed. Why would they be any different than anything else that you can’t/shouldn’t have in your mouth while you make a Bracha?


    Why would you have to remove them? And why aren’t you asking a Rav?


    I think that for davening it would be proper to take them out (however in your case of only wearing it at night it may be different). davening is compared to approaching a king and one would never wear retainers (if they were remoavable) when approaching a king so kal vechomer (even the more so) Hakadosh Baruch Hu. However, stam simple brachos may be different. If you eat with retainers then it would seem fine to keep them in (as long as words of bracha can be said correctly) – this is different from davening as it’s a “thank you” to Hashem as opposed to an official meeting/conversation. However, if you don’t eat with retainers then why not take it out for the bracha – you might as well + it wouldn’t be respectful to take them out for eating but not for blessing Hashem.

    These are just some of my thoughts… for practical application of halacha, however, CONSULT YOUR RAV OR LOCAL POSEK to answer specific questions. Hatzlachah!


    What’s the issue? Imagine a senior center and everyone took out their dentures


    Hi yoya,

    I am guessing take them out and make the bracha. But you can ask around. Perhaps it is no big deal because it may not be considered a foreign object in the mouth, of something like that, similar to a false tooth or something.


    Why do you want to eat anything with your retainer in? Isn’t it a pain in the neck to clean?

    Not that I’d know, b”h I’ve never darkened the doorstep of an orthodontist 🙂

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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