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    Hi does anyone know of any reliable real estate agents for rentals in Ramat Bet Shemesh


    You can find cheaper rentals if you go to a place that’s not such an Anglo ghetto.


    Why are Anglo ghettos so much more expensive, takah?


    Ramat Bet Shemesh is a good community for olim. Its helpful for children adjusting to Israel and going to school in Ivrit to be in a place where there are other kids their age that speak english. Yes it is a little expensive, but family is important. If you want to be with Israeli chreidim you can go to the Lev Eliyahu shul, its near the center in RBS A.


    There are several neighborhoods in Ramat Beit Shemesh.
    Here is a website where you can see what the prices are for most of the neighborhoods.
    I changed the periods to + signs to get this past the mods who don’t allow hot links.
    You will need to change them back to periods and then paste that into your browser.

    And while it’s true rentals would be cheaper in a place where everyone speaks Hebrew, it could be very lonely and frustrating if you don’t have anyone to talk to in your native language. If you are moving there, you will need doctors that speak English, a Rabbi that speaks English, etc.

    Once you get an idea of what you can afford, you can write to:
    Yisrael Sabijan Aliyah Engagement Manager
    [email protected]

    There is a lot more to making Aliyah then just renting an apartment. NBN will help you prepare.
    Selecting a real estate agent is just one of the things they will help you with.
    Like anything else, preparing in advance will increase the chances of success.
    Good Luck!


    It’s good for Anglos to stick together. An Anglo ghetto is fine

    The Shady Charedi

    I highly recommend R’ Shooter (JS Realty), his personal contact details are on his site:

    yuda the maccabi

    an Anglo ghetto is fine but the prices are outrageous
    especially the furniture packages that are offered to the unknowing Americans they range usually between 5000 and 15000 dollars for used furniture
    while you can furnish a small apartment very nicely for 3000 shekels or even less if you’re willing to go second hand
    and like my brother always says the reason they give out the red string at the kosel is so that everyone knows who the Americans are so they can raise the prices 🙂


    @ Joseph – Anglo ghettos are expensive because Israelis overcharge Anglos and we frequently are too much of “friers” to notice. Also, Anglos don’t know how to negotiate real estate prices down.

    – RBS is not “a little expensive”. It’s extremely overpriced, just like the rest of Bet Shemesh, which is entirely because of the enormous influx of Anglos.

    1) Having done the Aliyah thing, NBN doesn’t help with Aliyah. They’re selling a product – a dream of living in Israel.

    2) I’ve told more than one person interested in Aliyah that “It’s easy to make Aliyah, just get on the plane. The hardest part of Aliyah is the day after you arrive in Israel and have to take care of things yourself – setting up bank accounts, claiming your sal klita, setting up national insurance, et cetera”.

    3) You can find native English speakers practically everywhere in Israel – even in the far out of the way Yishuvim.

    4) You will not successfully make Aliyah if you isolate in an Anglo ghetto and never interact with Hebrew speakers or Israelis. The country functions in Hebrew and it isn’t always possible to get services in English – even if mandated by law.

    The OP can contact me through the mods if he wants more information or people to get in touch with in RBS that can point him in the right direction.


    Hi, RBS is a good idea if you feel its the right fit for you.. Since I don’t know who you are, it is difficult to say. For me it was way too modern, American, and materialistic for the most part. I did not come to EY to be in America. However, there are chareidi parts there so its fine and you can make it work.. Of course, if you have kids, everything is about your kids. Your choice of place very much depends on your family composition and circumstances. Anyway.. there are many wonderful ways to look for a rental in RBS without a realstate. There is a FB group where people share about apartments that are available.. and there is Issa Bracha and even yad2 if you have some Hebrew (you can translate on the site) There is also a general RBS FB group and plently of people will give you lots and lots of advice about whatever you need..



    We highly recommend Barbara Lemkin and Lemkin Realty’s team for all real estate needs. Barbara is extremely knowledgeable about the real estate market and has excellent communication and negotiation skills. She is honest, has integrity, and is constantly available. She is very committed, caring and resourceful . She goes above and beyond to provide service and expert advice. She and her team are proactive and listen to their client’s needs. She follows up post-deal with the client and makes you feel you are “part of the family”. We highly recommend her services, smile, and her “can do” attitude & positivity!!! Her info:
    website – http://aliyahrealty. com/
    email [email protected]
    Tel from US: 917-905-5797


    Anglo “ghettos” are more expensive because many refuse to learn hebrew, and move from a richer anglo nation to ey and thus the demand is greater.


    I am late on this, but Americans and Canadians have a higher standard of living. Therefore, the neighborhoods cost more.


    if you make Aliyah, do everything possible to learn Hebrew.


    Many of the comments on this thread are (shall i say ironic) because it seems we’re at the end of the line, insofar as “times of geulah” in which case learning Ivrit is practically passe (everyone may have to switch to the original lashon kodesh similar to the teimanim – after all even Yiddish is borrowed from German, so technically Yiddish is a L”AZ. But aside from that, I believe Rav Dessler stated that in Moshiach’s times, communication will be via TELEPATHY, and [so-called] modern medicine will be considered primitive. Not at all shocking if anyone would research what’s truly available out there which all along has been suppressed no different than HCQ is currently suppressed.

    And who says Moshiach might not revamp the entire monetary system?

    And who says all the hilly areas of E”Y won’t be stretched out to make lots of the land livable b’ravchus, complete with bodies of water?

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