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    I’ve noticed that Shavuos night has become a lecture series, in many shuls or it’s people “learning with a chavrusa – some learn and shmooze/eat snacks for most of the night; some go straight into shmoozing and not learn at all. It’s better to sit in a shiur — if you listen — than to shmooze. I personally recite tikkun all night, despite my yeshiva upbringing (people look at me like I’m odd); I do this because it keeps me occupied and I like how it covers a bit of the whole Torah. I think Shavuos should be about our appreciation and seriousness of the Torah. Hearing a shiur is good, but you can do better. Learning Gemara straight through is also good.

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    Nu, the only taaina you mention is the shmoozing. Everyone knows that’s wrong.

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    Want to make your shavuous night learning count?

    for those who LEARN all day: don’t replace your daytime learning to night and then take a long nap until lunch. Hashem wants us to LEARN EXTRA for Kabbalas Hatorah.

    For the working crowd: LEARN EXTRA then your usual daily amount special for shavuous and make Hashem proud.

    I am fortunate to have learned all night shavuous without any snacking on any food. Just serious learning to show Hashem appreciation for the most priceless gift we can or will ever get.



    Why can’t someones tikkun may be another person’s shiur?

    Participating in a shiur may be more challenging and growth-oriented for some Jews, compared to learning Gamara or reciting tikkun.

    To each his own


    I fulfilled a special mitzvah on Shavuos night this year.
    Unfortunately, on Friday night I had a health scare and had to be rushed to the hospital. I spent the entire night and part of the morning there before being released, with a lot of medication to use.
    In the shul, one of the members is a doctor, who was aware of what was happening (I had spoken to him after davening on Friday night, when I started feeling lousy.) He came over to me after Mincha on Shabbos and told me, “If you’re thinking of trying to stay up tonight, forget it! Doctor’s orders, you go straight to bed!”
    So I fulfilled the mitzvah of safeguarding my health, and made sure to add in extra learning time during the day.

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    DaMoshe – Refuah Shlaima!! I don’t know if people realize that what you did is a big deal! There are so many people who refuse to follow doctors orders (even when reiterated by their rav) at the risk of their health. I have been spoken to by non Jewish nurses and doctors who have had people IN the hospital in the middle of a medical crisis or emergency refusing to accept an IV on a fast day or take medications that can cause severe repercussions if missed.

    Good for you for doing what Hashem has asked of all of us.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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