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    So a certain person missed a certain part of the morning davening (the Amidah) and wants to make it up during mincha. Is it OK if he recites the regular silent Amidah, then proceeds to recite it again (with an additional request) while the chazzan is doing the same – or does he have to wait until mincha is completely finished, and then make up what he needs to make up?


    It says he should wait a little, the time it takes for him to walk 8 feet, so he can have yishuv haddas so he can arrange his tefilos.

    If that time has passed around 8-10 seconds, he can start with the Bal Tefilah, He doesn’t have to wait. Although he would miss Modim D’rabanan. He can say that in a different minyan. Its his choice, though I suggest the former as It might be considered a hefsek if he waits till after davening to make an hashlamah.

    He does not have to be mechadesh anything(an additional request) in his tefillah, if he was an Oneis, as this is called a tefilas “Hashlama.”

    Only if it is a tefillas Nedavah then one must add a new prayer.

    Tefilas Hashlama can be done in the immediate following Shemoneh Esrei Of Shacharis Mincha and Maariv. If two prayers have passed he can only fix the latter one.

    If he missed Shacharis and Mincha, he can daven at maariv two Shmoneh Esreis the first for maariv the second for Mincha, and he has lost the opportunity to redo Shacharis.

    But He can do a Tefilas Nedava and in that he must be Mechadesh,

    create a new personal prayer not included in the Shomneh Esrei.

    I strongly remind one that when davening a Tefilas Nedavah,

    one should make sure to concentrate the entire prayer as to what they are saying as this is a Nedava, and it will have an opposite

    affect if one come to pray a nedavah and doesnt concentrate.

    An Hashlama is something you can correct in the next prayer service if you were an Oneis (unable due unavoidable circustances not being your choice.) It’s not easy to define clearly.

    A Nedavah is a prayer one wishes to give of his own accord just because. Not necessarily having to do with missing any prayer.

    A Nedevah Requires that one should add a personal prayer, a chiddush, in addition ro what one normally says.

    I believe a Meizid cannot daven a tefillas Hashlamah.

    He can later pray a tefilas Neddava.

    though I suggest one looks this up before they act.


    A meizid can not daven a Hashlama, but can daven a nedava (I think)

    Im pretty sure that a Hashlama can only be said right after the first tefillah- after waiting kdei hiloch daled amos, not afterwards.


    Agree mostly with Bein Hasdorim. However there is no obligation to say modim derabanan. Only that when the tzibur is saying modim, if you do not bow and give hodaah, you are considered to be a kafui tova. MOdim derabanan is a collection of the various shitos of what should be said at that time. But if one is saying tefila, and is anyway bowing and saying the regular nusach of modim together with the tzibur, then there is no concern about missing the modim derabanan.


    We don’t daven Tefilos Nedava Bizman Hazeh.

    Yungerman: That’s a Chumra from a T’shuvas Harashba that we hold like if possible. You should only start a Tashlumin right after you finish your Shmoneh Esrei. But I don’t think you have to wait only Hiluch Arba Amos. Taking a minute to prepare yourself should be fine. His only requirement is that you still have to be Assuk in that Tefillah.

    A Meizid cannot Daven Tashlumin but a Shogeg can. It doesn’t have to be a pure Ones. In fact, we are pretty lenient by this as to what an Ones is.

    When Davening Tashlumin one should be very careful to have in mind that the first Shmoneh Esrei is their current Chiyuv and the second is the Tashlumin. Both Shmoneh Esreis are identical though. (i.e. if you missed Minchah Friday afternoon you Daven 2 Shabbos Ma’arivs.) The one exception to this is Havdalah. If you forget Shabbos Minchah then you only say Atah Chonantanu in the <i>first</i> Shmoneh Esrei.

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