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    Man Bites Dog: Israel soft to racist Arab attacks acted fast, suddenly…
    Since February ’21, Haredim have been the subject of Arab Islamic bigoted violent attacks…
    And of course all Israeli Arabs and “Palestinian” Arabs know that overwhelmingly Haredim do not serve in the army… that “occupation” excuse can’t even work here.

    Haim Goldberg, Kikar haShabat:

    <i>A week after.
    An indictment against an Arab who attacked Jews for no reason
    A week after an Arab for no reason attacked two ultra-Orthodox Jews walking on Hagai Street in the Old City, an indictment was filed against the aggressor. A police source told Kikar: We will not allow anyone to raise a hand “(Eretz)

    חיים גולדברג, כיכר השבת,  י”ט בחשוון תשפב  – 25.10.21

    שבוע אחרי
    כתב אישום כנגד ערבי שתקף יהודים ללא סיבה
    שבוע אחרי שערבי תקף ללא סיבה שני יהודים חרדים שהלכו ברחוב הגיא בעיר העתיקה, הוגש כתב אישום כנגד הפוגע. גורם במשטרה ל’כיכר’: לא נאפשר לאף אדם להרים יד” (ארץ)

    חיים גולדברג  |  י”ט בחשוון תשפב   25.10.21


    In Israel Arabs are treated with love while the holy jews who want
    To keep hashems commandments are discrimanated agai
    nst and treated with disgusting brutality


    Totally true Arabs in Israel are treated with love and huged,
    While the righous Torah jews who want to keep hashems
    Torah are discriated at and are treated with discussing brutality


    They just gave them millions, but they don’t go to the Army.
    They also gave millions to the Reform.
    The cats should make a Hafgana (Riot) – they aren’t getting as much as the Arabs & Reform.

    This proves that Satmar & Brisk was right – you can’t have any Cooperation with Tzionim (Zionists).
    Let’s hear from the Zionists & Agudists, their defense, that post here!


    Shalom, on charging with ‘racial motives,’ here are the results.

    The following is a very small number of indictments on racial grounds, 18 out of so many, given the were hundreds upon hundreds racist Arab attacks on Jews. Source received by email include translations.

    In Lod alone there were over 650 violent attacks on Jews reported by May 27, 2021. (See: Sara Ha’etzni-Cohen, “The prosecution’s indifference is shocking,” ILH, 05-28-2021).
    Add to Lod, the acts in: Jerusalem, Jaffa, Ramle, Acre, etc.


    Attack on yeshiva students: Police arrested three suspicious Arabs Baruch Shapira, 4 Ader 5781, 16.02.21, JDN.

    Three suspects have so far been arrested on suspicion of involvement in a lynching committed on yeshiva students last week at a gas station near Migdal. “Expect attackers to be charged with serious violent offenses and attempted murder for attempting to run over victims of racist motives.


    Live: The presenter wore a kippah and wore a yellow badge Yair Kalpa, BHOL. 13 Sivan 5781 24/05/2021.

    Sharon Gal decided to convey a message – and wore Jewish symbols. During the monologue he said: “Maybe it will remove doubt, and the indictments will be worded here according to reality.” Gal continued: “It is quite clear that violence is violence and racism is racism, and it is equally despicable, no matter who is behind it. We all know that there is no symmetry, and there have been countless attacks on nationalist backgrounds upon Jews by Arabs in recent weeks.

    Yori Yalon and Shahar Klaiman, “Israel arrests 17 more rioters as Arab-Jewish clashes in Jerusalem continue”, JNS, Apr 25, 2021.

    …began on April 13, the start of the Muslim holiday of Ramadan, and have been escalating over the past week.

    According to Jerusalem District Police Chief Doron Turgeman, the suspects arrested on Saturday night—for “assaulting police officers, throwing rocks, setting off fireworks and hurling firebombs”—join 140 others taken into custody since the beginning of the “unrest,” bringing the total number to 157. Most of those arrested so far have been Muslims, Turgeman told Kan Radio on Sunday morning.
    Turgeman also said that 54 of the detainees are being held under suspicion of attacks with a “racist motive.”


    Itzik Saban, Minister Ohana: “Attacking Jews in Jerusalem – an act on racist ground, the justice system must be deterred”, ILH, Apr 23, 2021.

    The Minister of Internal Security referred to the events of recent days in Jerusalem, and called on the judicial system to severely punish young Arabs who attacked Jews with an ultra-Orthodox appearance in the capital in recent weeks – “This is not a prank”.


    Yehuda Weiss, “Indictment Filed Against Arab Who Slapped Jew on Light Rail Train”, Hamodia, May 4, 2021.

    A screen shot of the Arab slapping the boy on the train, April 14.

    The Yerushalayim District Prosecutor’s Office has submitted to the city’s Magistrates Court for Youth an indictment against a 17-year-old Arab, who attacked chareidi teenagers on the Light Rain Train in Yerushalayim last month.

    The indictment charged the Arab with an attack due to racist motives, and harm to privacy.


    Tik Tok terrorism: An Arab from Jerusalem is accused of attacking an ultra-Orthodox Jew for racist motives, 0404, May 3, 2021.

    An indictment was filed today (Monday) in the Jerusalem Magistrate’s Court against Ramzi Radaida (Radaideh), an 18-year-old Arab resident of the city, for assault that causes actual damage out of motive of racism or hostility towards the public and assault simply out of motive of racism.


    Haim Goldich, “Charge: Attacked two undercover police officers for racist motive, YNet, June 21, 2021.

    A 24-year-old man from the a-Tour neighborhood in Jerusalem was charged following an attack by Border Police officers disguised as ultra-Orthodox. The police arrested two people after one of them sprayed tear gas into their car.

    The attack on two Border Police undercover operatives about ten days ago in the a-Tor neighborhood of Jerusalem ended today (Monday) with the filing of an indictment against 24-year-old Lui Stlyah (Loui Stliah), a resident of the area


    Lilach Shovaldniel Seriotti, “Lynch cases and a shooting incident carried out by Arabs on Jews during the ‘Guardian of the Walls’ were solved.” ILH, June 10, 2021.

    Two residents of Wadi Ara are accused of carrying out a shooting attack, from which a civilian escaped unharmed. Two residents of Kafr Qara were charged with aggravated assault. A resident of Acre participated in riots in the city and caused much destruction… it was determined that the three offenses were committed on racial grounds.


    Yonatan Yifrach, “An Arab terrorist attacked a father and son: ‘You are Jews, your place is not here.’ ” Ch 20, June 6, 2021.

    An Arab terrorist riding a motorcycle attacked a father and son on the Jaffa promenade, hit the father with a helmet and his friends sprayed them with pepper spray. Among other things, the assailant called out to his son, “You are Jews, your place is not here.” Although the details of the attack are in the possession of the police, an indictment has not yet been filed against him, “demanding that the terrorist and his accomplices be prosecuted for a serious assault of a racist motive.


    Aviad Glickman, Maor Tzur, “7 Arabs accused of murdering Yigal Yehoshua: “Act for racist motives’ “, News 13, June 24, 2021.


    Ilana Curiel, “Charge against a person involved in a lynching attempt in the Negev, which attacked during house arrest: ‘Slaughter, d_g Jew’,” YNet, June 14, 2021.

    ‘Abd al-‘Aziz’ Amrani, a resident of the Bedouin diaspora, violated the conditions of his house arrest for a robbery – and participated in the riots in the Negev. The indictment against him attributes to him offenses of terrorist act and causing racist damage.


    Ilana Curiel, “Six residents of the Negev are accused of participating in riots in the south”, YNet, June 10, 2021.

    Indictments have been filed against four young men and two boys from Malkia for throwing stones at vehicles in the south during riots last month. “Act for a nationalist-racist motive,” it read. So far, no one has been accused of lynching attempts to set vehicles on fire on the roads.


    Haim Goldich, “Accusation: A teacher at a school in Jerusalem attacks a racist motive in the Old City”, YNet, May 26, 2021.


    Hagit Hornstein, “Indictment: A severe resident of Haifa was attacked and injured by a racist nationalist motive”, Kolbo News, July 20, 2021.

    Five Arabs, three of them residents of Haifa, are accused of participating in the difficult events that took place during the violent riots in the city last May. Among the offenses attributed to them: an act of terrorism of aggravated intentional sabotage and intentional sabotage of a vehicle motivated by racism.


    Kan News @kann_news Tweeted: (June 19, 2021):
    They asked him if he was Jewish or Arab, and beat him to the point of unconsciousness: Five Arab-Israelis are charged with a series of terrorist offenses and racist assaults, for attacking Beni Salman in Haifa in May.

    A lawsuit has been filed against Benny Salman’s attackers in Haifa. By Eden Kleiman, HAIPO, July 20, 2021.

    Today (20/07/21) The Haifa District Attorney’s Office filed an indictment in the city district court against Nur Waked (21), Joan Zabidat (21) and Adam Omer (19), residents of Haifa, and against Shadi Mahmoud (24) and Rani Abu Tarif ( 19), that a place is prohibited from publication, which attributes to them the offenses of terrorist act of aggravated sabotage, intentional sabotage of a vehicle motivated by racism, and recklessness and negligence motivated by racism – each according to his part, for their involvement in attacking Haifa resident Bnei Salman (48) and sabotage In a number of vehicles on a racist nationalist background.


    Oded Bar-Meir, “Vehicles smashed and stones thrown at the head: Serious indictments against boys in the Negev at the ‘Guardian of the Walls.’ ”

    Beersheva.Mynet, July 12, 2021.

    The indictments were filed for committing acts of terrorism during the military operation. Among other things, the indictment reveals a harsh description of stone-throwing in a vehicle and the smashing of stones on the head of a passenger, who finally managed to escape with the help of a local sheikh. Oded Bar-Meir, Beersheva.Mynet, July 12, 2021. The Southern District Attorney’s Office (Criminal) has filed three indictments in the Be’er Sheva District Court against six defendants, including five minors: one is about 15 years old and the other is about 17 years old from Umm Batin. The indictments attribute to each, in turn, the commission of acts of terrorism, throwing or firing a stone or other object at a vehicle, intentional damage to a vehicle from a racist motive, rioting and other offenses..


    kann News July 12, 2021:
    6 residents of Um Betin, (including 5 minors) are accused in carrying out terrorist practicality or contingent of a stone or another object towards transporting vehicles, interruption and other offenses from racist motivation during the operation of the Guardians of the walls.

    “Maniac J…, this is our area”: ​​6 accused of assault on a racial basis in Haifa. Lior El-Hai, Ynet, Aug 9, 2021


    Some 92% of attacks were by Muslims per Srugim article 27.05.21.


    Examplary cases that stand out in weird prosecutor’s routine:

    (links are parsed to avoid spam )


    Sara Ha’etzni-Cohen, “Israel’s iron fist is anything but”, ILH, Oct 7, 2021

    [https://www.israelhayom. com/opinions/israels-iron-fist-is-anything-but/] Israel’s iron fist is anything but]

    The Arab Israelis that attacked Rabbi Mali in Jaffa were known antisemitic nationalists, yet the police prosecutor failed to note the racial motive behind the attack.

    R. Eliyahu Mali is a resident of Jaffa and the head of Shirat Moshe Hesder Yeshiv in the city. Around six months ago, he and a colleague were violently assaulted when two Arabs began to kick, curse, and threaten them in broad daylight. In their resourcefulness, Mali’s colleague documented the incident, something that resulted in his hospitalization. These were the days leading up to the riots of May 2021, and the images were widely distributed and resulted in a public outcry.

    This week, the sense of shock grew following reports of the plea deal reached with the attackers, Ahmed and Mahmoud Garbua. In return for their confession, a ridiculous plea deal was signed that will see them sentenced to between five and nine months of community service. It is absolutely insane that the Israeli Police Prosecution and Tel Aviv Magistrate Court Judge Roy Perry both signed off on this agreement.

    The police prosecutor did not even bother to assign a racial motive to the attack, something that would have resulted in more severe punishment. They failed to do this despite the fact that, as they were hitting and kicking and explicitly threatening the victims’ lives, they shouted that “Jaffa will not have Jews.” One of the attackers has a rich history of posting nationalist and antisemitic content on social media, including praise for Nazi leader Adolf Hitler, videos on “J. dogs and America,” and “the truth about the sons of monkeys and pigs.” He has also expressed a desire for the liberation of “occupied Jaffa.” And that is just the tip of the iceberg. Racial motive? What racial motive?

    Yishai Friedman, “The ‘non-racist’ attacker from Jaffa works for liberation ‘from occupation’ and admires Hitler,” Makor Rishon, April 22, 2021.

    [https://www.makorrishon. co .il/opinion/339719/]

    *JAFFA LYNCH (May/21)

    Omri Maniv, Jaffa resident who was lynched: “There was a racist motive – they knew I was Jewish.” [https://13news. co. il/item/news/domestic/crime-law/lynch-in-jaffa-1254621/] NEWS 13, May 23, 2021.


    Yoni Rotenberg (@Yoni_Roten) Tweeted

    June 10, 2021:

    [https://twitter. com/Yoni_Roten/status/1402911653734277123?s=20]

    The two indictments filed: one against a minor who threw at a community center in the city (there is no racist motive), the other against Akram Krinawi who threw stones in several places in the city, and attacked a police officer (there, there is a racist motive clause).

    Asaf Mishnayot (@AMishnayot) Tweeted

    June 10, 2021:

    [https://twitter. com/AMishnayot/status/1402912033901891584?s=20]

    Only I notice the fact that the police only mentioned the racist motive when one of their own was attacked?

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