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    I am going in a month or so to Marbella, Spain

    R their any kosher restaurants, shops locally and any idea of Hechsherim?

    Besides for the option of Gibraltar!

    any ideas anyone?


    Enjoy the sun!

    Brace yourself for the onset of comments about: a)cheirem on Spain, b)how dare you, you should travel to the Holy Land etc.


    Spain is a pretty cool place to visit, However Kosher food is hard to get, The only place to really get it is Barcelona and madrid. Its best to bring it with you. There are a couple of restaurants in Barcelona and a supermarket in Madrid.

    I saw streets named for Rabbanim in Toledo and Segovia, even NY doesnt have that



    There is a website called Jewish europe that gives all kosher restaurants, Shuls , Mikvahs and Hotels in Europe


    @Golfer- The cheirem in Spain expired after 500 years in 1992.


    However Kosher food is hard to get,

    But getting working knowledge of the Spanish language, or finding people who can converse in English is even harder to get.

    The Metro in Madrid is very good, if you care to get around with the Metro. I have been on the Madrid Metro.

    Bear in mind that all shuls are absolutely Sephardi:- After all Spain which in Hebrew is “S’farad” as per Haftoro of vaYishlach, is the absolute bastion of Sephardim.


    Marbella has an Orthodox shul:

    Jewish Community (Costa del Sol)

    Beth El Synagogue – Orthodox (Orthodox)

    29600 Marbella, Spain

    First synagogue built in Andalousia after 1492. Consecrated in 1978

    Parnas: +34 952 82 49 83

    Fax: 95-277-8243

    Email: [email protected]

    More contacts:


    Rabbi Meir (Michel) OHAYON, [email protected]

    Tel: +34 952 89 47 74, Cell: +34 690 17 23 55


    Hospitality Rooms:

    Rooms with bath available next to Synagogue

    Services hours:

    Summer: Evenings Fridays & Holidays at 8.30pm

    Mornings Saturdays and Holidays 10am

    Winter: 7pm & 10am

    Sefardi Nusach: On Rosh Hashanah & Yom Kippur Ashkenazi services: at the adjacent Annex Hall

    Special Events: Seder 1st night, Great Summer Party in August, Yom Haatzmaut celebration, Seudat Purim

    Telephone numbers available:

    Tel: (34) 95 282 4983 (English, French, Spanish)

    Tel: (34) 95 282 6649 (French, Spanish)

    Mobile : 610 91 61 70 (Hebrew, Spanish, French)

    Mobile: 669 03 90 32 (English, Spanish, Hebrew, French)

    Fax: (34) 95 277 8243

    Email: [email protected]


    Continuing — about Gibraltar: last November my wife and I spent 8 amazing days in Gibraltar, representing Israel at a sporting event. “Gib” has an impressive, strong, and respected Jewish community (approx. 700 people) that maintains 4 shuls, elementary and high school, 3 kosher food stores, a kosher bakery, and a kosher restaurant that prepares meals and sends them to Gentile banquet halls, which know how to heat them up. A supermarket in the town carries some products with British and EU hechshers. The community is emphatically Sephardi and sees itself as sustaining the authentic pre-expulsion traditions. It has even published a collection of piyyutim with CDs. I have phone numbers if you want them.

    All this, apart from the astounding qualities of the place.

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