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    Hi all,

    According the the gemora you can m’kaddish an isha with about a dime. Doesn’t seem like the Torah put such a big emphasis on it.

    Isn’t it basically an aquistion. Maybe we should treat marriage like a business contract. A L’chaim is OK, I guess.

    Does anyone have a pshat?

    Rav Tuv

    Kiddushin can be done w/ shava perutah. But the celebration is for the nessuin aspect and sheva brachos. In the olden days there was a year between kiddushin and nessuin. Kiddushin is not marriage. It is really like a betrothal that assers her on everyone else.


    According to the other parts of the Gemara which you apparently have not yet gotten up to marriage is a very big deal, enough that the mere simcha is a D’Oraysoh and can be docheh a mitzvas loh sa’aseh in several circumstances.

    If it’s treated like a business contract, then the marriage itself is treated like a business partnership.


    I guess, because by marriage you become a complete person, because you female spiritual half-part of neshome and male spirtitual half-part neshome becomes one.

    -based on shiurim from hitdabrut


    This is the stupidest question that has ever been asked on this site.


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    Oh Shreck!

    Is it something taken from the gentiles?

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    🐵 ⌨ Gamanit

    Weddings were always major events, but I don’t think people went bankrupt for the night of the wedding itself in previous generations. It’s very possible that I’m wrong, because I haven’t really looked into it. You know how much sisters of the kallah spend on their gowns these days? The price of one gown, counting inflation probably would have paid for half of a wedding two hundred years ago.


    It’s obviously a big deal, but it’s true there’s no logical reason to invite so many people and spend so much money. (The only possible reason I can think of is to discourage divorce or calling it off, because of the big investment.) It’s only custom for it to be such a big and expensive party.

    Really, people should just invite 20-30 of their closest friends and family, cook basic meals for the guests themselves, and have the event somewhere cheap or free, like a park or someone’s backyard. There’s no reason to invite people to weddings if they’re a distant relative or barely know the couple.


    I hold by havarka’s torah on marriage, and may all neshumas come to be shalaym!

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